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I'm apart of a group which is designing a PC game to be sold to the public and we are after feedback on how the game should work I'll take notes and tell the group. The game is a first person survival horror game based on a island where a pagan cult lives on and worships the island near the UK. every 200 years or so the islander do a ritual that needs a sacrifice the length they life's so they can protect the island. For the islanders to get the sacrifice they have to set the island as a once in a life time holiday for a select group of people and two of them people you can play as. They say it is random pick and the cost is on them which is travel and accommodation, and they dress it up. The island itself is able to get into the characters head and project their worst fears into psychical form. The character has next to no weapons and there are no guns on the island the only thing the character can do is pick up items and use them. When you enter the inventory the game doesn't pause so you have to be quick in the inventory but you will be able to see what it coming at you. We hope to your suggestion Thank you
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I like this concept but i think from my side i need a little more story before i can comment properly.. dont get me wrong i find the best survival games are the ones where you cannot fight back. but what I would like to know is what am i going to be doing? am i just trying to escape, do i have a relative or friend to save? am i trying to stop this pagan thing from happening anymore.. i could probably give a bit more feedback if i knew this.... but the idea is good
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