Free MMORPG with low system requirements?

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#1 Posted by hypercube (321 posts) -

Does anyone know of a good and free MMORPG that has low system requirements? Like, integrated graphics and 512MB RAM?

I'm looking for the best one out there that maybe my bro-in-law and I can play together (and maybe the wife).

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#2 Posted by blooddog28 (2049 posts) -

You may like guild wars! It is a very fun game and free once you buy the game. You and your friends will have fun with this one. Has awesome graphics and fun multiplayer.

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#4 Posted by ASK_Story (11455 posts) -
Sword of the New World might be good.
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#5 Posted by rom11 (2049 posts) -
Eternal Lands.
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#6 Posted by gbpman630 (2795 posts) -
Cabal Online
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#7 Posted by nexusprime (877 posts) -
Zu online, Fiesta online. I played those with and intergrated card and 512 mem quite nicely.