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Hey guys! I'm looking for some great free MMORPG games. Free is the key here. I know I REALLY want to play The Elder Scrolls Online and Wildstar coming up, but I just can't see myself paying $15 a month for either of them, yeah i'm cheap.

So are there any alternatives for a game like that? I've played games like Star Wars the Old Republic and RIFT, and those are probably ones you guys will recommend, but still .. let me know what I should play!

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Runescape or go home

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Guild Wars 2 comes to mind, but you have to pay for the price of the game (i.e. I think its around 30 pounds/50 dollars or whatever a PC game costs maybe). Post that, its yours to play essentially (no fees per month to play or anything of that nature) and its pretty active as is my understanding.

If you want me to, perhaps this topic would be best served on the PC board as you will get people who use that hardware more there and thus will be best able to answer your questions regarding titles and how each game plays, minimum requirements etc?

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Neverwinter isn't bad at all. While it isn't the next revolution in the MMOs, there are quite a few good ideas like the system of the Foundry, which allows the players to create their own quests to share with the community. Cryptic is always trying to expand the game, especially with the incoming extension which will emphasize on the PvP and add new content for the late game. I found the battles to be pretty cool, the skills are well done in my opinion. Sadly there aren't many archetypes, and the lack of great cities tends to centralize everything on the main city. You should keep an eye or two on it :)

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I had asked some friends as well, they gave me a few games to try out. Not all of them fit into the 'MMORPG' genre that I was looking for, but they all seem pretty legit.

Neverwinter (like the previous poster said) - really good game for MMORPG fans, lots of content, raids, expansions, everything!

Lord of the Rings Online - Probably one of your best bets in terms of a free to play MMORPG

Drakensang Online - more like a free diablo style game, still lots of fun

SMITE - more MOBA-like than anything, but the third person view and combat make it pretty fun for MMO players

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agreed with Neverwinter. LotRO can be fun as well, but I was never really into the books or movies.

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Star Wars The Old Republic