FrankenChief: The Rise of Halo 4...Do you really want it? I want your opinion !

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Hey eveyone, Masterchief150 here, since its the season for all things E3 I wanted to pick some peoples brains about microsofts new Halo...Halo 4. While I have been a huge Halo fan since the first game I am some what disappointed about Halo 4. I feel its a cop out in the series. The new "alien race" kind of looks like the alien race from Borderlands. Halo 4 is not being developed from the people who made the first Halo game and overall I feel that Master Chief should rest in peace in his pelican. Well thats just my point of view, let me know what all you people think !

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As a Halo fan, I'm totally getting it. I kind of like the new enemies, they're rather interesting, very Metroid Prime-esque too, but I think I like it. I thought it was a good presentation pretty much it. There's not much I can really say.

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I think Halo 4 definitly has a fresh coat of paint with new weapons, enemies and some improved graphics, but with that said, I think the real test for me is not whether it has some measly updates they could throw in a DLC, its whether or not it will have an awesome story. I was happy with how the story ended in Halo 3 and was quite content with the end of Master Chief and the Halo Universe. But really, Halo 4? Are video games going to have numbers as long as the Harry Potter series? I feel like Microsoft could have capitalized on this years E3 to try something diffrent, something fresh and new, but instead its seems that they are staying with the conservative approach. Even though a big game like Halo will make a ton of money regardless of what I think, I personally believe that the Halo title has been milked to death. Anyone want to prove me wrong. I would love your opinion and get a good discussion going as E3 continues !

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The main reason why they're continuing the Halo series is because on Legendary for Halo 3, there's a bonus ending, Halo 3's true ending was kind of a cliffhanger.

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After watching the trailer again I definitly saw a lot of nuances from the first Halo game. The infinity ship looks alot like the Pillar of Autumn that Captian Keys was in charge of. Kind of funny that they both go down in a wreck. I guess that ship design wasnt really reliable Lol. Cortana has definitly grown a pair of, you know whats, over the last eight years haha. The story, if it is fleshed out enough, will be really good for anyone who has read or known about the Foreunners and their technological genious. I think I will hold off on pre-ordering it and let the reviews come out in the future if it is really worth all of the hype and my willingness to buy a new Xbox since my last one went KIA. All in all, Microsoft and 343 definitly have some big shoes to fill, since Im sure, there are many people who are skeptical about this upcoming release.