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Why the hell do i suck so much at APEX I haven’t played video games in years but I have been playing none stop for a week and I’m level 31 with 11 kills. My aim sucks I guess ? It’s embarrassing...any suggestions? I shoot at ppl they don’t die. They shoot at me once, I’m gone

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This was me too. Fps is not my genre so I gave up. When I was on level..don't remember but I had barely 100 kills while others had like shitton on that level. It has everything to do with practice and how much time you have on your hands, also knowing where to land to get the best loot. Personally I don't recommend landing in skull town or something until you can fight like really well. In the end though you just need to keep getting killed. I got slightly better, im still shit but thats how I improved. I don't play anymore, but will use these tips in the future.

General tips people have told me

Practice killing people, strafe when you are shooting so that they cannot hit you

Land in places with good loot. I like the Pit. If someone else lands there you can shoot up their team because they looted it first.

Everyday stand about in the training room and practice shooting.