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Discuss legacy games and platforms.

- Follow the Terms of Use.
- Legacy comparisons allowed. Respect others and they will respect you.
- Platforms should be mentioned in the topic title. Abbreviations such as PS, PS2, GBA, N64 - accepted.
- Illegal activities not allowed.


Why am I seeing censor bypassing, trolling, and flaming on the site?
Read the announcement. Each forum has its own set of rules. The Legacy forum expects respect. If another user is being disrespectful, you can return the behavior.

Can I discuss non-legacy platforms and games in this forum?
No.Please use the platform forum. If youwould like to compare platformsand games, use theSystem Wars forum.

None of these answer my question.
Oh really? Ask your question in the recent Terms of Use announcement discussion.

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Older topics that may be of interest.

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