Fond gaming memories.

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Whether it was during online, with friends, or by ourselves; we've all experienced a moment that we'll cherish and think fondly or maybe not so fondly of when looking back on the past.

A fond memory I have was when I was around three or four. My dad, who was an avid gamer, would play Super Mario Bros and Sonic the Hedgehog with my brother and I and help us get pass certain parts that we couldn't. Because of this, I became a gamer and I'll always look back and remember all the fun, game sessions we had together.

Another fond time was when I played Street Fighter 4: Arcade Edition with my cousins. These guys were insane with their moves and I got dominated each time I faced off against any of them, but I still had fun. We would come up with funny comebacks and mock each other in hilarious ways when someone started to suck. This went on for about 5 hours and I'll definitely cherish that memory.

What were some gaming memories that you'll cherish for the rest of your life?

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Got my license the same day that I beat the Transformers ps2 game. Oh and "rise fwum your gwave".

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Many many scenes from the Squaresoft Final Fantasy Universe.

Especially those from FF VIII.

That ending.... <3

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So many to name, but a few that spring into mind: -Playing my first ever game-- Super Mario Bros. I just couldn't believe how immersed, and fun it was. It got me hooked. -The Dreamcast. So many great games, and I always loved Sega. The system had so many unique titles for it, and playing online was just mind blowing. One of the greatest consoles ever, just had a persona to it I couldn't explain. - Legend of Zelda The Wind Waker. I've played all of the Zelda games, and this had to be my favorite. Something about the graphics just really brought it to life. - MGS2. My favorite game ever. At the time it was mind blowing what you were seeing on your television screen, and the cutscenes were just jaw dropping. - PS2 launch, I remember putting in a DVD I believe it was Mission Impossible film and it just blew me away. Great console as well, and 2001 was just amazing a year after its launch. So many great games that year. - PlayStation. Ahhh so many great memories, and so many great games. I would say the PS2 was the better console, but everything the PS brought was just awesome. Gaming in the 90s were just particularly awesome. - Gaming magazines (GamePro, PS Magazine) any publication I really enjoyed reading through. One thing I miss, and have so many magazines still from the heyday of gaming journalism. So many fond memories, but that is just a few!