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Frames Per Second (FPS) is the number of frames a graphics card can produce. For gamers, a game with low FPS is nothing more than trash and it is seriously killing to play such a game. Doesn’t matter if a game is good in its storyline and texture details, but if you cannot make it work with suitable number of FPS, it won’t be worthy to play even it won’t last for more than a couple of days in your hard drive.

The FPS rate is measured in terms of 30 FPS, 60 FPS, 120 FPS, 240 FPS. For console gamer, the max frames they get per second are around 40 or 60 and they can’t help themselves in it. But for PC gamers, there are multiple fixes through which they can increase and adjust the frames as per their desire.

Let’s take a quick look at the common tips through which we can fetch more FPS

Update your graphics card driver

One of the most common factors eating up your FPS is an outdated graphics card driver. There are many games which run even on an outdated driver but give you shaggy gameplay caused by low FPS. While installing a game, if we read the system requirement given in the installation box, there we can find a clause asking for updated graphics card driver. If you are playing Street Fighter 4, then after starting the game, won’t get any display but just a black screen with game sound and the situation will persist until you won’t provide an updated driver.

To get an updated driver, just check your system updates as it often comes with this, or open your graphics cards control panel and click on updates, your game driver shall be updated automatically, or you can download the latest driver manually from Google.

Buy a New Graphics Card

Till the end of 2017, it was good to have a graphics card with 1Gb video memory supported with 128 bits as that time texture, environment, shadows, and water details were not that much high as they are right now, but in present, a graphics card with at least 2 GB video memory supported with 256 bit is initially required to smoothly play games launched in 2018 and later.

While getting a new graphics card, it is necessary to know that for more FPS, you need a card with more bits. For example, if you are having a card with 4 GB and 128 bits, in such case you can enjoy good texture quality in the game but with speed lag so it is better to have a card with at least 256 bit so you can get up to 60 FPS easily.

The games that seriously require an updated graphics card for good performance or even to run includes FIFA 19, Assassin’s Creed Odysseys, and Need For Speed Payback whereas the games you can still play with your old graphics card is PES 2019, Virtual Tennis 3

Turn off your internet

Although it doesn’t have any direct link to your game’s performance, but as per the recommendations of pro gamers and game developers, you must turn off the internet while playing a game as it hampers your game speed. If you are Rockstar games fan then you must know in most of its games like Max Payne 3 and GTA V, you get clear instructions to turn off your internet connection. The reason behind it may be that during the game, your system may start to download updates which actually results in slow game speed.

Optimize in-game settings:

Surely it is not possible to change your graphics card so frequently with the release of every new game as the graphics are bit costlier. Far Cry Primal was based on Stone Age civilization yet it had the most detailed environment and texture. If you play that game with on its factory settings, it will give you compromised FPS, so it is better to adjust your in-game setting as per your PC’s capability. Turning off Ambient Occlusion, Anti-Aliasing, and God Rays (given in few games) can be handy but you will lose your graphics finishing.

Buy an SSD

Most of us don’t consider the role of hard drive in performance of an application and take it as a mere device essential to store data, but the fact is that your hard drive is a factor affecting your game’s speed. The old HDD is not able to transfer high amount of data in seconds as compared to new SSD. So it is recommended to have an SSD for enhanced performance. Even, the drive must have enough capacity to store your game along with your Operating system and other software as your game starts to drop FPS if your system runs out of storage. The average game takes around 60 to 80 GB space so it is better to have a drive with 500 GB storage capacity and partitions having at least 130 GB capacity so you can keep your game and other stuff.

Optimize Graphics card settings:

Setting your game’s resolutions is essential but we still cannot neglect to adjust graphics properties of a graphics card manually as the factory settings are set to match all PCs. Managing your card’s core setting from your graphics control panel can give smooth working of all games so you may not need to adjust in-game settings specifically for each game.

Check your monitor:

A thing that most of the gamers, at their initial level don’t notice, is that their monitor affects games FPS. If you are having a monitor with the capacity to display high resolution, then you may not face any FPS drop but in case of small screen or old monitors, you face slow performance of your game.

Apart from these, there are several other tips to get more FPS for your game including reducing your game’s resolution, overclocking your graphics card and more. To download large games in less time, buy Frontier internet packages.

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You are right if you want to be a gamer than you need to have a device more then required for a game. A graphic card plays an important role when you are playing a huge game. Also, check out other options in this article. It was good to read your post, great job.