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Community (of Wrestling-game fans)

After I had bought my DreamCast (many, MANY years ago) I eventually got a hold of a copy of Fire Pro D Wrestling. Recently I had played some of these games for the SNES and I had become a fan. I think the SNES game was called Super Fire Pro Wrestling or Super Fire Pro Wrestling X Premium or something. Anyway, by the time Igot Fire Pro D Wrestling, I was a big fan and had played the SNES game by emulator.

Fire Pro D Wrestling which I aqcuired for my Dreamcast was completely in Japanese, so I had to download and print out a translated booklet (about 50 or so pages I believe) and I couldn't do anything without consulting the booklet because...well I don't speak Japanese.

I love these games, and they are (in my view) far superior to the WWE-and SvR-games. I know there are a bunch of these games out for many different consoles, and my question is; Are there any versions (completely translated to English) available for download of PSN (American or Japanese psn), or better yet, any Fire Pro-game created for current gen. consoles?

Thanks for any answers

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There was a Fire Pro Wrestling announced for Xbox Live a looong time ago, but nothing's been heard of it since, and the screenshots that exist look horrible (it looks it was just a cheap, "wrestle your Live Avatars against each other" thing). So there aren't any FPW games on Live or PSN, no. You could always hold out hope that Fire Pro Wrestling Returns for the PS2 finds its way on to PSN (it's already fully translated), but that's unlikely. You're probably just better off buying the game in disc form.
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Fire Pro Wrestling D... great game. Only con is that its not english but if you make your way around that, its the best Fire Pro Wrestling game that I've played.
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there is an active and huge(used to be) fire pro community at fireproclub. check it out