Find this game plz

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I played game around 2005-2007 in school on a computer (may be windows 7)

Game details:

1)Its a 2D game

2)its a shooting game

3)in game I can climb ladder

4)in game I once found a frog like enemy and I can't kill him in front so I was on top and (by pressing some button I can see the frog in bottom) At the right moment I throw bombs (which are collected in playing game)

5)it may be DOS game

6)there were rooms in building by pressing upper direction key I can go into them

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Do you recall what the setting was?

Was it Sci-fi, Pirate themed, Modern, Wild west etc?

Would help narrow down the selection of 2D run-N-gun games where you can climb ladders and enter doors

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Captain Claw?

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@sm1gamingx: Thx for the reply bro

its not captain claw.

In the game (at some level) I can play outside the building too, He was carrying gun like machine gun