Finally played The Last of Us and

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To the people who called it a movie game I see what you mean.

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It's not just a movie game. You'll find it's also a ladder-moving game and wooden pallet-moving game.

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Lol, incoming!

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It was made for genX people by genX people, the ADHD generations might have a bad time.

I hear Destiny is pretty good.

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@hrt_rulz01: let them come . Aside from the meager chances to shoot this game is hardly a game.

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Seems OP just don't understand the emotional feelings, mood, premise, spirit, and value of human interaction the game was presenting.

Joke aside the very fact reviewers commonly stated TLoU had the "best third person mechanics on the system" was pretty insulting. Not just because they're wonky as hell and A.I. is pretty stupid, but because three years prior gave us Vanquish! That game is overlooked far too commonly.

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And people like it.

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Played it on ps3 and thought it was very good just not 10/10 some people think it was. I need to replay on PS4 but remember the puzzles being very unimaginative.

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Yeah, but it would make a great movie.

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one of the reasons i went with the ps4 first over xbox this gen was to play tlou.

it was a great experience despite the rudimentary gameplay. classic whole greater than sum of parts game

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I played it close to its release on PS3 and enjoyed the story but did not enjoy actually playing it. the mechanics felt really sluggish to me.

it was kinda painful

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I have played TLOU like 4 times already (2 on PS3 & 2 on PS4) it is my favorite Naughty Dog game since Uncharted 2. What I personally like about TLOU was the fact this wasn't some kind of ordinary Zombie Apocalypse world were use to playing, the idea of Mother Nature evolve the planet thus introducing known as "Cordypes" taking over Humans and turn them into raving animal hunting Humans and later on, evolving into a scary creature known as Clickers and that's what made TLOU stand out. It's nothing we as gamers seen it before and it's why I personally enjoy the game back on PS3. I wouldn't call it a "movie game" (seriously, this isn't the correct term) just cinematic game is the correct term back in my day as we say it. But above all, it's still has lots of gameplay.

With all that said, it's not for everyone but the story between Joe & Ellie was engaging but I can however tell you this. I'm NOT hype for TLOU2 at all. Will I buy it day one, sure I will but I think a sequel wasn't necessary. Do not buy TLOU2 if you or anyone didn't like the game.

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I liked it.

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Nice, enjoy the game!

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I'm a movie gamer and I have no regrets Until Dawn was the shit.

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@warmblur said:

I'm a movie gamer and I have no regrets Until Dawn was the shit.

Well, Until Dawn fully embraced its story side fully. TLoU was stuck in the middle, between movie and story, and wasn't that good at either. UD was a 4/5 for me, while TLoU was a 3/5.