Final Fantasy be *exclusive to Nintendo again?

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Its pretty obvious that the biggest fanbase is on PlayStation but, Final Fantasy model have become quite unsustainable for it to be on Sony flagship console. The series obsession with chasing graphics since the original Playstation has backfired with FFXIII and FFXV. FFXV does have some amazing visuals but the game is broken, unfinished mess. Quite a spectacular failure from one of gaming beloved franchise.

FF being on the Switch allows it to break free from the chains of chasing graphics due to how low powered switch is and, focus more on story and gameplay. A 6-12 month exclusivity do wonders, get nintendo fans acquainted with the series again and later Playstation still get the benefit of upgraded visuals and good gameplay. Its a win-win situation.

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So yesterday evening I decided to pre-purchase and pre-load the New Super Mario Bros. Deluxe on the Switch. I had previously played it on the Wii U , and I mainly got it out of respect for Mario’s legacy + I can’t imagine owning a Nintendo console and not having a 2D Mario game on it (if there’s one available).

A few levels in, and I remembered why I don’t enjoy Mario’s 2D adventures as much as I wish I did. Unlike Donkey Kong, Rayman or Meatboy, Mario feels, at least to me, imprecise,slippery and heavy. Making certain jumps and landing on enemies most of the times feels like a gamble.

With Mario, I’m always on the edge, BUT for the wrong reasons. Instead of focusing on the placement of platforms and enemies, I have to focus and make sure Mario does what I want him to do. In contrast, playing as Donkey Kong feels like second nature. He runs, jumps and lands exactly how I expect him to.

Now you might be saying: “”, “Git Gud” or “Quit playing 2D Mario if you don’t enjoy it as much as other platformers.” And you would be probably right!

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Chasing graphics wasn't the problem with Final Fantasy XIII and XV. It was the lack of creativity and inspiration for their worlds, characters and story. It's like, they've run out of ideas at this point.

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Well Final Fantasy is now on everything except Nintendo. So I doubt exclusivity will help it.

SquareEnix shoot themselves in the foot since they merge. FFX was the last trully good FF and it still was stupidly easy and it was the first to be that linear.

Everything XIII was accused, X was also guilty.

Final Fantasy was always pushing the graphics even early on.

The problem is the creativity not there anymore ... they play it safe ... they try so hard to please the USA market instead of doing what they should. They also have quite a lot of problem of management making developpement quite long and complex for nothing.

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I think they are going to just make it be more multi platform instead and have the franchise on all available platforms. Most all of the recent Final Fantasy games have been developed for the PlayStation and Xbox systems as well as the PC and now this year they have a whole bunch of Final Fantasy games coming to both the Switch and Xbox One.

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FF will be developed for every platform that makes sense.

To make it exclusive would be like leaving money on the table.

Exclusives don't make sense unless you are MS, Sony, or Nintendo; they are the only ones who can benefit because they sell hardware. It's just too easy these days to make your game multi-platform. Finally.

And Square-Enix are will make the game however they want, platform restrictions and considerations are secondary (unless you're Nintendo, I guess). Again, finally.

Yay, games! Games for everyone!

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@nepu7supastar7 said:


Chasing graphics wasn't the problem with Final Fantasy XIII and XV. It was the lack of creativity and inspiration for their worlds, characters and story. It's like, they've run out of ideas at this point.

You wouldn't be saying that if you played XIV. It has some of the best storytelling in the entire series. Sadly, it seems like they don't go in that direction with the main console series.

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I do miss older FF stuff for sure. The franchise went downhill after X in my opinion. I haven’t been bothered to play any newer titles.

FF on the Switch is definetely a nice edition but I don’t think Nintendo will reclaim it again. I think if that’d happen Nintendo would ruin the series and I guess “dumb down” future releases. That’s just my opinion though.

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I think they should go back to pre-rendered backgrounds. There is a great aesthetic to them and the fixed perspective lets you see the world framed how the artist wants you to see it. The fixed camera pre rendered backgrounds created such a great mental image of Midgar as a whole, for example, and I feel like a player controlled camera doesn't quite give you that artists vision the same way. Not to mention it's way easier to create in some sense.

Still, I'd like to see this style on everything becasue I want to see this fancy new pre-rendered backgrounds in 4K (should be easy for any console to render what is essentially a jpeg at 4K) but also I would love to see some truly bombastic summons and spells in a new turn based fighting system. I think with this style, we could get a top tier final fantasy again.