Final Fantasy 8: Remastered announced!!

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#1 Posted by BlueArchan (113 posts) -

Back from the dead. Final Fantasy 8 remastered version announced. This game had no animes no remasters or remake ever.

Have you guys always been wishing for this? Especially those who have never played the original are you guys excited?

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#2 Posted by Speeny (1774 posts) -

I've never played the original. Kind of sucks though because I already own the game on Steam. So will probably have to buy the remaster now.

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Yes. I have waited for ages for a proper remaster with upscaled graphics. It means a lot since FF8 and FF10 are my favourite Final Fantasy games.

I own the original PS1 game and have played a port of it on the PS3 - graphics were terrible on an HD TV.

Can't wait to play it on the PS4!

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This is AWESOME news. FF8 was a try to make a mature FF game, and it totally pulled it off. Great game, great story and so on.

I also loved the pull system. Pulling magic from enemies and other sources, then linking the magic to your gear to boost stats.

This led to a great side quest, where you hunted down rare spells just because they gave massive stat boosts when linked this way.

So, anyways, this is gonna be bigger and better than the lame FF7 remake. But only if they keep it close to the original, and dont change it drastically.

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Seeing this news at E3 made me very happy. I played the original on the PlayStation back in the day and loved it. Definitely will be getting remaster. I’ll be getting the Xbox One version myself.

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I'm not sure how to feel. Maybe I should be impressed. Games developed ages ago are being re-made for today's audience to meet today's expectations. Interesting model.

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I hope Front Mission 3 will get the same treatment someday.

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Crazy epic, could be cool.

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this is good news. I played the steam version not long back, it was a real bad port. The music was MIDI for some reason and it ruined the entire game, one of the greatest things of FF8 is the high quality music, not poorly ported MIDI music.

I hope they add an option to save anywhere, this is one part where i like psx emulators being able to save at anytime using a savestate and pick up where you left off.

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FF8 was a weird one. I'm glad they are remastering it, it definitely looks nicer now. But the draw system and junctioning is one of those love it or hate it things. If you've never played it, MAKE SURE YOU DRAW from bosses until you get whatever summon they have. Otherwise you can miss them permanently.

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FFVIII is my favorite FF, so I am super thrilled that it is finally getting a remaster.

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Probably my most hated RPG.