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Hey guys,

I don't usually need help with games to the point where I need to ask for help but this is one situation where I do. I got ff13 2 in June and im about 20 hours on and I am baffled on how to move forward. Part of the problem is that I have forgotten exactly what I did last but I do recall beating a boss in academia 400. Which led to Augusta tower 200 opening up but I cant go forward. I've used YouTube clips and read FAQs but I am honestly lost. From what I can tell I need to open Augusta 300 first but I don't know how. Any help would he greatly appreciated.

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Taken from the gamespot walkthrough: "You need to travel back to Yaschas Massif 01X. Use a Wild Artefact to open the gate in the west of Y.M.. This will open up Augusta Tower 300 AF."

If you don't have a wild artefact you can find one in Augusta tower 200AF

This page has a walkthrugh for that area including the artefact position:

If you already have that artefact and used it elsewhere (like i did) you need to find another one that you missed earlier (they're not ALL "needed" for story progression) on a plus note this means you probably did some side-quests outside the main storyline, if this IS the need to google a guide that lists all the positions of the artefacts as well as when you gain access to them.

hope that helps.