F.E.A.R. 2: Project Origin - CAP FRAMERATE

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I've been looking all over the web for a way to limit FEAR games framerate for smoother performance. I've "accidentally" discovered a nice little command that I typed into the "autoexec.cfg" file.

Step 1: Open your F.E.A.R. game folder to where you installed it - I've tested it with ALL FEAR GAMES, IT WORKS.

Step 2: Find the "autoexec.cfg" file, open it up with Notepad (you can either rename it or double click and set it to default open with Notepad).

Step 3: You should see this line - (without the quotes)

"DisableMaterialsFromFile 1"

Step 4: Under that line, put "maxFPS 30" - Where the "30" is, put your desired framerate. (Multiples of 10 are the most consistent values to enter, but never under 30fps)

Note: This command does not improve performance, but rather smoothens it out, as everyone who's played FEAR games know that the framerate can go from 120 to 35 frequently.