Famicom 30th Anniversary = 30 Cent Virtual Console Downloads

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The latest Nintendo Direct Mini episode told us that Nintendo will be celebrating the Famicom's 30th Anniversary by releasing many Famicom/NES titles for only 30 cents a piece until July (the launch month of the original Famicom) through Wii U's virtual console service.

Sounds great! Except I don't have a Wii U. I'm wondering if anyone knows if this deal is gonna extend to the original Wii? I'm having trouble finding such information. Thanks for any help!

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I thought there was some silly 30 day cap?
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I thought there was some silly 30 day cap? Heirren
nope they are yours forever for a loe price of 30 cents.

I already own a couple of those games but I'll rebuy them for the .30 instead of the $1 :P

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No 3DS? Bogus!

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30 cents for an NES game? that's a pretty awesome price
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It's only for the WiiU.

Each month a game will be available for 30 cents/pence for 30 days until July. You get to keep the games for good.

For the next 28 days (as it started 2 days ago) it's Balloon Fight, the rest of the games are:
February: F-Zero
March: Punch-Out
April: Kirby's Adventure
May: Super Metroid
June: Mario & Yoshi
July: Donkey Kong

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This is a good deal .30 cents for NES and SNES games. Until july 2013

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is it in the Wii U store right now?

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Couldn't pass that up.
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That's so awesome!!! Please release Nintendo Arcade to Wii U's VC!!!! Sheriff Arm Wrestling Punch-Out!! Arcade Game, also Super Punch-Out!! Popeye, licensed...
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through Wii U's virtual console service

Why wouldn't this also be for the Wii or on the 3DS? What reason do they have for separating their store that should be the same on every console/handheld?
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is it in the Wii U store right now?


Ballon Trip is there now

and the rest of the releases:

January Balloon Fight(NES)
February F-Zero (SNES)
March Punch Out!! Featuring Mr. Dream (NES)
April Kirbys Adventure (NES)
May Super Metroid (SNES)
June Yoshi / Mario & Yoshi (NES)
July Donkey Kong (NES)