Fallout 4 vs Skyrim

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I am going to spend some time playing RPG. What can you recommend? Skyrim or Fallout 4.?Which one is better. ?

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Well, I don't want to dampen your enthusiasm, but imo neither game is all that good. Skyrim though, is probably marginally better if you have to chose one.

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The Elder Scrolls is the series Bethesda Studio tends to take longer developing and fleshing out its world.

While Skyrim is no stranger to a lack of polish and dumbed down mechanics it is superior to all the Bethesda Fallout games in terms of quality, content, and artistic vision. Unless one just simply dislikes high-fantasy I would never recommend FO as the alternative.

Even then, do yourself a favor and give Divinity: Original Sin II a look'e

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Skyrim for me. I have never been able to invest myself into Fallout.

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Skyrim for me. I have over 300 hours in that game and I'm honestly not even really invested in the main quest. Skyrim is an open world sandbox done right where it's really fun to just run off and do your own thing. Fallout 4 on the other hand put me to sleep and bombarded me with annoying mechanics like not being able to cross bodies of water due to radiation killing me long before I reached the other side.

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Skyrim is better. But if you play Skyrim and like it, you'd probably like Fallout 4 also.

Both Skyrim and Fallout are better if you eventually try out some mods and make them look and play better.

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Probably, Skyrim. I don't like Fallout graphics((

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Skyrim for sure. Fallout 4 is good too, but the main story is disappointing. Skyrim's main story isn't amazing either, but I think it depends on what setting you're into, I always will pick a medieval fantasy game over post apocalyptic setting.

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I prefer Fallout in General but Skyrim is just a better game and a better RPG. Not to say Fallout 4 is bad or anything but it didn't quite live up to the expectations set by previous games from Bethesda.

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I never played fallout 4 but it's worse because it's trying to be like Mass Effect.

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I like both, but would rather play Skyrim if I had to pick.

@speeny said:

Skyrim for me. I have never been able to invest myself into Fallout.

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This is like... Mediocre vs. Terrible.

Skyrim is better, but it's still a pretty bad game.

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Fallout 4