Endless Ocean 3?!?!

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According to the project cafe image of E03 and Pikmin 3, which can be found here http://wiiu-gamer.net/2011/05/11/rumour-pikmin-3-and-endless-ocean-3-screenshots/ There was a rumor of these games, and Pikmin 3 was announced to be released this holiday season. So, if this was true, what about E03? I really hope it will come out, I've been checking Google since i COMPLETELY finished the 1st and 2nd. If there is another one, I hope they took the advice to make it more fun with more ancient creatures, ruins, and maybe even a mermaid and mermaid suit. Keeping my fingers crossed, what about you guys? (;
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I had never actually played 1 or 2, but I put off buying 2 and thought id just wait to see if 3 ever comes out. i hope it does, coz now we have a big flat lcd tv it would look amazing! Im not sure whether it will just be on wii or both that and wiiu? And how would the gamepad be implemented into gameplay do u think?

What was the basic story of the 2nd game, and how did u find the controls?


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The game WOULD look awesome on that. Well, the basic story line was pretty simple. It was about finding where the noise came from that made all the whales crazy and finding an ancient ruin. That's basically it. I know, I know, it sounds boring but it's not. It's a very enjoyable game and they better come out with a third one with hopefully some more exciting improvements :) I hope it will be on the wii, because I really don't want to run out and spend a ton of money on a console nintendo will probably move on from in a year, but my guess is that it will probably be on the wii u. I really don't know what use the game pad would be. It's always been a point and click kind of game.
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Oh, I just saw you've only made 3 posts, are you new here? If so Welcome to GS :D

Anyway, I think they will eventually release EO3, whether it's on Wii / Wii U is another questions. Im thinking a few months down the track they will get to some good titles like this, and maybe some bigger ones like Mario Kart U, Super Mario U etc.

I hope they fix the controls a bit coz I heard that was one of the things that let both games down a bit.

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Yea, I'm new :p, And I agree with you. It won't be released like the wii u debut games, since it's not really as popular, but as just a normal game.
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The Gamepad would be great for this. Both the camera and the scanner are obvious uses - you could even chase the fish right off the edge of the tv screen and still get you picture! You could look ahead on the tv, while scanning the ocean floor below you (well, in your lap) for hot spots and treasure, and brush the sand away with the touchscreen. Also you could check the maps on the pad, or even the encyclopedias, and do live chats while swimming with friends. Even without adding anything else, the first two games offer lots of uses for the pad, and improved graphics would really make the game feel alive. (Although I thought the previous graphics were not at all bad.)
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Those were really good ideas! I would've never thought to use the game pad as a scanner it's genius!!! :D