ENB series on Skyrim. sun glare/flare shine through the wall and mountains FIXED

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REMEMBER this is help for SUN/flare/Glare problems. I have seen that there are so many players who have problem with ENB series, and can not find any hlep out there. soo why can not I just make a little tutorial for the people out there ) well this is a tip that fixes the sun and make your ENB series prettier. ENB series must be installed properly. the sunglare / flarelens will be solved if you put this in your SkyrimPrefs: bFloatPointRenderTarget = 1 If you do not, the sun will shine through the wall and mountains etc. Your SkyrimPrefs are located: C: \ Users \ Documents \ My Games \ Skyrim if you can not open ini file just right clikk and open with Notepad. When you have opened SkyrimPrefs you can Ctrl + F (to find text) and paste bFloatPointRenderTarget. not seem to find bFloatPointRenderTarget. then you can simply paste it into SkyrimPrefs. You must remember that you must have "= 1" right behind bFloatPointRenderTarget it should look like this bFloatPointRenderTarget = 1 Good luck and no lollygagging
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I've tried it but it still doesn't work properly, the sun still shines through everything.  The only thing I can do is turn it off, any other ideas on how this could be fixed?

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"bFloatPointRenderTarget=1" doesn't fix it for me either.

I use:
RealVision ENB (http://skyrim.nexusmods.com/mods/30936//?) ..with ALL mods.

I already had the "bFloatPointRenderTarget=1" in "SkyrimPrefs.ini", so I tried adding it to "Skyrim.ini" and "enbseries.ini" too, but nothing changes.

Does anyone know, if using a sunglare mod would fix it?

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Just had that problem and your tip solved it. Thank you so much, dude!! I love you! No homo.. okey... a little homo!