Elder Scrolls Online- "New" game client, same as always.

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So by now the hiatus of installing the "new" game client has waned down. Hopefully the initial game crashes/freezes, and failed log ins are over. While we did see an improvement in reduced file size and download/copy time, I would not call this a new client. We were promised better load times and frame rates, which should have translated to better travel times between way shrines, and should have almost eliminated loads through doors as well as improved log in times, and yet..... nothing has changed. There is no significant improvement of frame rates, load times/way shrine travel, log in times, or character skin loads. In fact we are still experience the loot glitch and now even previously loaded player skins are basically unloading themselves and reloading when a player walks past a doorway and back even though there has been no load there before.

An additional unwanted "perk" was the choice the devs made to make LOLOLO SOLO pvp mode, they decided to revoke the ability for friends to group up in GROUP PVP content, battlegrounds. This is due to an annoying pattern the ESO devs have in pandering to whiny noob players. Players were angry people used teamwork to win pvp team battles. Now they expect players to just hope they get thrown in a match with their friends and not on the opposing team. Pretty stupid move I must say. It's irrational. The players can still coordinate using group chat on mic. Unless they got rid of that too? I'm not sure because I was so unimpressed I refused to play it today after not being able to go in with my friend.

So far I am unamused at ESO's work. They could have added a Trial finder, which is desperately needed. They could have added a switch character option which could have reduced log out/login times with alts, but..nope. Could have taken the time to revert the terrible heal nerfs... no. I suspect a loss of a great number of plus subs in the next two months. If Greymoore doesn't deliver something really good, I think ESO is over.

The problem is the devs have cried wolf too many times. It's not hard to understand why so many players do not believe them when they make improvement or balance promises. They simply can't keep them. ESO has probably been one of the most disrespectful games to veteran/champ players in the history of RPG games. Pandering non stop to unskilled new players who simply need to put in the work the veterans have. Instead of the game encouraging this usual task, they are discouraging it by constantly punishing champions. This is a short road in 2020 for ESO as far as I can see. Subs still have no tantalizing benefits. "Here's your 200th tiny statue for your house." Sorry but, it's just not working.