Ecco the dolphin will we see a remake?

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I was on the Sega collection for the switch and was amazed and confused that Ecco had been left of do you think we will see it in the future as DLC or standalone?

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I'm confused if you're asking for a high budget remake, semi-sequel (Sonic Mania), or just a port. Later is all I see happening. Something of the quality of Bare Knuckle 4? not likely. Put nostalgia back for a second, Ecco the Dolphin is a pretty garbage game series.

Outside of the interesting art direction the game really has nothing worth of value. Would even argue it's exceedingly annoying and has horrible gameplay. Passes all the tropes for a bad game.

Speaking from my experience playing the ol' Genesis collection Ecco series are the worst games on the collection. Managing to make Sonic 3D Blast look tolerable.

If you ask me, keep it buried.