Dragonborn: Neloth's robes

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hey i just started playing dragonborn on my mage, and i was wondering if you could get this guys robes? his name is Neloth and he is first found by the earthstone near raven rock, he talks to you and says he's interested in whatever the hell is going on with those mind control ppl. this guy has pretty much the best looking robes ive seen in this game, and i don't want to kill him or anything cuz he seems important. i was just wondering is there any way for me to get these robes?

i just did the first dragonborn main quest where you go through the temple of miraak. i went back to the earthstone and he wasn't there anymore. do i run into him again? where can i find him?

im playing through dragonborn on my mage cuz all the new armors ive seen look pretty crappy to me, so i don't want to use my warrior. but these robes look badass. im getting sick of the archmage robes they're kinda boring.