Dragon's Dogma pawn system. Will it stop working?

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As fewer and fewer people are playing the game will the pawn system basically stop working? I tried to find out more information on this but couldn't find anything definitive. The way I understand it is people will stop using your pawns if they aren't playing the game right?

I want to get this game, but because of my backlog I know I won't get to it for at least a year. Would I have to force myself to play it now over other games I'd rather play first?

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I got it for free when it was free for PSN+ users. And in the 7 or so months that it's been on my HDD, my pawn had only been used by someone else, 2 times.

As for your question, no. The pawn system won't break even if no one plays. Reason? Tons of NPC pawns are in the game. As well, as pawns from people that likely gave up on playing long ago.

The thing about the game is that it only has one character save. Only way to get more than one is to make a new PSN account. And a single pawn (your pawn) is tied to that single character save. If you overwrite the save with a new character, you lose all the progress done on your previous character. As for difficulty mode changes, they can be done at any time, but when you do it the storyline starts from the beginning, again. But, you keep all your items and leveling.

Anyways, when you make your 2 characters, you better like what you've made, because you'll be stuck with them. Can modify their hair, but that's about it.

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Thanks for the response. I was hoping to get an answer before the E3 onslaught. I thought other people using your character was important cause it gave them items or something like that. I think the idea is to share pawns among friends or your pawn will never get used, which is what I figured. I'll also keep the character tips in mind. Character creation always takes me forever anyways.

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People still play Dragon's Dogma though. When I finish some other games, I will run a new playthrough. It's a good game.