Do you think we'll see all of the core GBA/DS Pokemon games re-released onto different platforms?

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I know the GB/GBC titles have made their way onto the Eshop. But, in terms of the GBA/DS you think they'll ever re-release them again? Maybe sell them individually or in bundles for the Switch digitally?

I do miss the games. I used to own every title but unfortunately had to sell that collection off. Maybe it'd be more convenient if we were able to purchase all of them on newer platforms. (Surprised they haven't done it yet tbh.)

But, I guess it's easy enough to pick up the GBA/DS titles these days. (Apart from Soul Silver & Heart Gold.) It would just be nice to own the rest digitally.

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it's hard to say.

I wouldn't be too surprised if we see a remake of Diamond and Pearl in the not-so-distant future, using the engine from the upcoming games.

I would love to be able to play the older Pokemon games on the Switch. I've actually been wondering if Ninty will add handheld games to Switch Online one day like they did with the NES. But it's just a thought.

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I hope the game boy classic will have all the classic pokemons in it.

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@Ovirew: I mean there's plenty of DS games that they could re-release but you'd think it being Pokemon & seeing as they sell so well...why the heck not? Lol maybe it would be more appropriate to put them on the 3DS but the Switch is kind of taking over at this point so I guess we'll see. :)