Do you think we'll have an AI companion in The Last of Us Part 2?

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I really hope so. There are a few games that do this well and what I really like about them is they add a bit of dialogue and story and make gameplay more enjoyable instead of playing as a one man army and playing the game all alone. I hope we get either Joel, or one of those characters from 2017's trailer like Lev, Yara or that muscle girl. But from the gameplay alone it seems Ellie is going to be a lonewolf, which is okay for some levels imo.

Games that did this well:

-Bioshock Infinite's Elizabeth

-Skyrim Dawnguard DLC's Serana

-God of War 2018 Atreus

-Uncharted series

-Mass Effect 1, 2, and 3 squadmates

-Fallout companions

-Gears of War series

Are there any other games with AI companions in them?

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She probably will have some AI companions but its probably more like uncharted 3 where the people come and goes. Either way hope they improve and maybe let us provide some input on AI actions. I loved the characters but I hated their gameplay behaviors in just about every naughty dog games. they range from ok to very terrible, we never know if they gonna help us stealth kill enemies or just being retarded idiot in cover and missing about 80% of whatever they shot. Hopefully they are sufficiently helpful this time. Nier automata was the last game I played where the AI was really competent to kill a boss themselves.

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Since we have it in UC4, I think the chance are high that yes.

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I enjoyed the "buddy" system in Far Cry 5 where you had a cast of like six fairly unique (at least to eachother) NPC's to call upon. I liked the archer lady and the cougar!

If they did something similar, but maybe wrote a bit more plot for them, I think that'd work well.

It's always fun when there's a good/bad or like/dislike system added in, like "Your companion approves of your actions: +2 to affection" haha maybe they could add some system like that in.

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They're all ai companions but I get what you mean.