Do you think modern generation consoles are less robust than older gen?

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What I mean by this is do you think newer consoles are made to last? A lot of the pre-hdmi consoles I've never had issues in the past with any of them. e.g. PS1, PS2, SNES, Gamecube, Xbox, etc.

I don't think there's really any right or wrong answer to this question. As everyone is going to have a different opinion and stick to it because of various factors. But...

Personally, I just feel my older gen consoles are so much more sturdy in terms of overall durability and performance. There have been no hiccups with them and I guess it's because they aren't built like "PC's" if you will. At least not as much as modern gen consoles. Modern gen consoles try to aim for the best specs these days and function more like computers than ever before in my opinion. Overheating is always a problem.

I will say that my PS4 disc drive is failing on me. A buddy of mine had to get his repaired just recently too. Yet, there's my PS2. I've had it since 2002 and still works as good as new and have had no issues with it ever.

I'll also mention that my Nintendo consoles have been extremely sturdy and I think Nintendo in general likes to keep up with that consistency. Would you agree that sometimes less is more in terms of hardware? Maybe that's what keeps Nintendo's products lasting so long. They kind of hold themselves back. Don't over do it sort of thing.

Anyway, just my opinion. Thought this would be a good thing to mention and get people's perspective on.

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I still have my original Gameboy, and I have friends that still own their original NES and SNES consoles.

I don't know anyone that still has any optical disc console from 2+ generations ago (PS2, Xbox, etc) that works.

So yes? There is something to be said about minimizing moving parts and having a cartridge system, yeah? :P

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Any true NES collector will have a different opinion with cartridge based media. Original NES consoles are prone to failure over time and carts will just stop working over time too. Also, battery saves will eventually die in any cart from this era going forward.

Oddly though, I still have my Atari 7800 and not a 2600 or 7800 cart has died or failed to load. Some may take a few tries, but they will always work.

My first Xbox still works like a champ complete with saves and even my Xbox Live membership details. Sadly, my green Halo edition console died recently. The disc door just doesn’t want to open. :(

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@Sevenizz: I had a lot of disc drive issues on my Xbox, but I did run with a tolerable work around for a while: have you noticed it opens fine if there is a disc already in it? That was the case with mine at one point. So I just left a blank CD in the drive when not playing a game.

I mention this, because one of my friends had the same issue and the same trick worked. So it might be a general problem with some drive models

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Nothing has been built to last since the 1970s. We buy gaming systems that are impossible to clean of dust without voiding the warranty, what does that tell you?

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@xantufrog: While I don’t understand the logic of this workaround, I can confirm there is no disc in my machine that stopped working so maybe you’re on to something.

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Had my PS4 since launch and the disc drive has never given me issues. It's overly loud and I'm not a fan of the Dualshock 4 as much as most (that's why I have an adopter to work my Switch Pro). Only other issues I've had was with some poorly optimised games, most of which are around launch year.

Though I have read some horror stories towards the PS4. Seems I got lucky or something. But found it's doing better than my PS3, or even the PS2 (never owned a PS1)

My issue with the Switch was always what it was even before I bought the dam machine, the battery life is awful. And because I'm heavily a portable gamer it's an overall issue. Had better optimised games and less hardware issues over the PS4 at anycase.

My 3DS models to me is hardware perfection, never had an issue. And because I know a few who also have 3DS, they also find it sturdy, long lasting, and reliable.

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@Sevenizz: I can't begin to guess - i noticed it by accident when poking at it when it stopped working reliably; that it actually opened fine when it had a game in it and never would without. You can gently prise the door open with it on, stick a blank dvdrw or something in, and see if it works with the eject button. Might have life in it yet!

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My NES when I got it in the early 90's just recently died :(. I also had an original Xbox go, the disc tray went.

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I went through like 4 PS2s due to them not reading discs.

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@Diddies: The fat consoles were pretty robust. I heard there were problems with the slim ones though.

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@speeny: these were all of the fat ones.

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All my original systems from NES and GameBoy to N64 work perfect.

Xbox and Xbox 360 I cant say the same for. Could be these new systems have more moving parts or that they have such a fine line for profits when manufacturing the new systems.

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No, I don't think so.

I've been playing my old Gamecube & OG Xbox recently, and those things are solid. I even took apart the Gamecube (which is so easy) and gave it a clean. It even has a removable mesh screen that covers the intake, which you can take out and clean. Wouldn't get that nowadays!

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Only consoles that have ever broke on me are the original PS1( the part that held the CD in place was falling apart). The PS3 fat overheated and I had three 360's break.

You have to realize consoles are far more complexed now and have much more moving parts.

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@blackhairedhero: Yep, and because they’re more complex the fail more often in my opinion. They’re more like computers than anything.

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Every gen had its **** up and failiure.

I remember my PS1 ... well mine was a Playstation before the rebranding and well it did **** up a little. I had to put it on the side for it to work.

It is way it is.

But I do think modern consols won't ever be retro since you need internet for it to work most of the time. Many game can only be played online and when they shut down the server or Xbox live, PSN or Nintendo Online ... well useless piece of plastic. Or other games like Mortal Kombat X which has like 90% of the game linked to online for it to be enjoyable. ( like every tower change or the ranking etc )

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not so much consoles. I mean, I can't recall the last time i had to blow on a disk ( i know, I know, it doesn't work).

controllers, specifically Sony controllers, have really gotten flimsy over the years, though.

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No I think they were more sturdy. My top loader NES still works. I was struggling for money and had to sadly sell it to a pawn store. A year later I found one on FB for sale for less than what I sold it for. I bought it and you wouldn't believe it. It was the same console, same serial number and all. I was shocked. I still have it in a clear bag full of silica packets. I'm hoping it last another 30 years.

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@Ish_basic: 100% agree in regards to your controller comment. All of my PS4 controllers need to be charged a lot more in comparison to PS3's and I hardly ever use them.

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Products aren't made as good as they used to be. Companies now days want to do things as cheap as possible, rather it be materials, labor, etc.

Things used to be made with quality, and lasted for decades or generations. But that's mostly gone away. People want to pay next to nothing when they buy a product, and so the demand for higher quality isn't even there.

Cartridges are sturdier than CD, so it wouldn't surprise me if modern consoles themselves are flimsier as well.