Do you think 3D Platformers will ever become "mainstream/popular" again?

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I know there's still a significant following for them. But there's really not many companies developing 3D Platformers anymore built for modern gen consoles. Which is a shame since it's possibly my favourite video game genre.

Of course, Nintendo still keeps the genre alive to some degree. But that's just Nintendo. Other than that we've been seeing remakes for Crash & Spryo. (I didn't play Yooka-Laylee. A Hat in Time was excellent though. But, nothing new as far as I'm aware of. Apart from your occasional Kickstarter Project that may or may not get the green light. Also, a lot of the time the games that do get released only a handful of them are ACTUALLY GOOD. Some come with a lot of problems. (The Last Tinker: City of Colors for example.)

I know a lot of people these days arguably play video games for more "immersion and realism" but I just really miss the 3D Platformer genre in general. In my opinion, it is hard to make a good 3D Platfomer. Especially, these days when there's little demand for them.

Many might say "Oh, leave them in the past. They were for the N64-PS2 era." That's true. But at the same time we all grew up with a 3D Platformer that we adored.

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I think there will be more 3D platformers going forward, Nintendo is at the front, but like you said there´s more like Crash, Spyro, and new ones like Astro bot.

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@dakalo: I'll have to check Astro Bot out. Thanks. :)

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I only came to say: play Yooka-Laylee, it's great. They patched the issues that made it be received poorly.

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@Black_Knight_00: Alright sweet. I'll definitely give it a go. Thanks for letting me know about the patch too. :)

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No, but I base that heavily on Tearaways terrible sales on two platforms, despite being one of the best 3D Platformers I've ever played.

Nintendo can make a 3D Platformer sell, some remasters as noted above have also done insanely well and that's good enough for me. 3D Platformers are like 2D Beat Em' Ups, some developers will evolve and keep the genre alive, some will even sell well despite not reinvigorating its popularity.

But it's a genre way past its prime. We should just be happy they still get made, even in low quantity.

Know it's odd for me not to ever mention A Hat in Time. Never played it, and a strong believer to refrain from games I have little to no knowledge/ or personal experience with. May need to fix that in 2019 and play A Hat in Time, I've read good things. Crash and Spyro I'm convinced sell on nostalgia/ brand so less interested in them honestly.

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@RSM-HQ: I can say that A Hat in a Time was great in my opinion. I played a little bit of Crash and yet to play Spyro. :P

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@speeny: The Switch port coming will likely get me playing A Hat in Time sooner rather than later.

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Yes they will and in the most unlikely time of your life.

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I don't think we'll ever get them left and right like we did with the N64 again but think they are making a bit of a comeback. Odyssey did really well and A Hat in Time seems to have been pretty successful for an indie also.

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@Eikichi-Onizuka: Both amazing games.

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Wouldn’t the new Tomb Raider and Uncharted games be considered 3D platformers? Or do you just enjoy cartoon focused games?

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Would love a new conker but doubt that ever happens.

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@Sevenizz: Cartoon. Uncharted series I do love though.

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@robert_sparkes: I reckon we’ll see it. Game has too much of a following not to.

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I seriously want another Jak and Daxter game. Jak 4 baby!

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@Sevenizz: Is it platforming if you hold a button and your avatar automatically animates and grabs another platform? No.

Uncharted and new Tomb Raider reboot have the illusion of platforming without actually having it.

So long as you're not jumping into a death pit the game automatically reacts to connect the player to the other platform, in the exact same way Assassins Creed do it.

Both games you mentioned are 3rd person shooters with lite puzzle solving.

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Just wanted to say yooka laylee is a fun platformer, underated imo truly enjoyed it. I agree with TC, I also would like to see more 3d platformer, ratchet and clank was one of my favorites on ps4 this gen.

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I don't think they'll reach the type of popularity they had in the late 90s - early 2000s but there's still a high enough demand for them. The Crash and Spyro remakes confirm that. Personally, I'm keeping my eye on Psychonauts 2. I saw a new trailer for it a couple of weeks ago which excites me as I've been waiting for the sequel to the original for over a decade now.

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@gwynbleidd_91: between Mario Galaxy, Spyro, and Crash I think it made a bit of a comeback but other than A Hat in Time and Mario it doesn’t seem like many new 3rd person platformers are coming out huh?

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@gwynbleidd_91: Yeah Psychonaughts 2 is what I’m really looking forward to playing as well. Absolutely loved the first game. It’s a shame that this one won’t be set in the campground though as far as we know. Instead, the HQ.