Do you support DLC?

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#1 Posted by crimsonman1245 (4253 posts) -

I've never purchased it, and never will because i know that there are publishers like EA who are just cutting content out of the game and selling it as DLC.

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#2 Posted by JML897 (33134 posts) -

Just like there used to be good and bad expansion packs, there's good and bad DLC.

I don't see DLC in general as a negative. Thanks to digital distribution, it's easier for developers to get "expansion packs" to consumers than it used to be when expansions were in physical form. That's a good thing. You don't have to buy the DLC but now it's more readily available for people who are huge fans of the game.

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#3 Posted by Treflis (13402 posts) -
Depends on the DLC, Map packs or "Get a new suit and weapon in gold" type DLC I've never bought. If it's DLC that's more like a Expansion pack, Such as Dragonborn or The Sims 3 : Nightlife then I've been known to purchase them. Of course there's nothing stopping you from not buying a DLC.
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#4 Posted by AvatarMan96 (7324 posts) -

Depending on the content and price, I'm fine with it. Some is better than others though. I don't approve of these $15 map packs for FPS games or characters for fighting games.

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#5 Posted by suz437 (1051 posts) -

DLC is great sometimes, but other times just awful like on disc dlc or horse armor. Then you have the good like GTA expansions, Fallout or Elder scrolls.

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#6 Posted by speedfreak48t5p (12848 posts) -

I support good DLC.

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#7 Posted by Gallowhand (591 posts) -

I very rarely buy DLC for any game, and even then I mostly wait for GOTY editions to buy all of the additional content in one package.  I also tend to only get it if it is more like an 'expansion' that adds extra locations, missions, characters, story, etc.  For future games that plan to have DLC, I will just wait for GOTY versions.  If the DLC is multiplayer content, I never bother with it anyway.

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#8 Posted by Jackc8 (8515 posts) -

I buy it very rarely and usually regret it.  The only DLC's I've ever purchased that I considered to be a good deal were the Broken Steel pack for Fallout 3 and the Legends DLC for Shift 2:  Unleashed.  There have been a couple of others that were acceptable price-wise, but most were just total wastes of money.

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#9 Posted by Nintendo_Ownes7 (30973 posts) -

Depending on the content if it is basically an expansion pack and adds to the story than yes I would support it or if it just adds about half the ammount of content as the original game I support it.


If it is purely cosmetic I don't purchase DLC.

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#10 Posted by wiouds (6233 posts) -

I do not have many problem with them. Greedy gamers does have a large amount of anger to them. I do not want another comment about how they should be in hte game from the start.

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#11 Posted by Buckhannah (715 posts) -
I have mixed thoughts on that one. I want to support GOOD use of DLC, but day one DLC feels like content that was in the game that got cut out for an extra buck, so it still feels like a rip off. Cosmetic DLC and DLC already on the disc feel like a slap in the face.
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#12 Posted by Black_Knight_00 (21086 posts) -
Judging by the experience I had with DLC included in limited editions, I have noticed that DLC in general is mostly mediocre content and not worth the money.
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#13 Posted by c_rakestraw (14870 posts) -

I haven't bought much -- only instance I can remember is the Dark Souls expansion -- but there's certainly a lot of DLC I'd like to pickup at some point.

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#14 Posted by Archangel3371 (23837 posts) -
Yes I buy dlc if I find it adds value to the game for me. I've purchased a variety of dlc this gen like map packs, extra characters, bonus missions, new mode types, ect. The only type of dlc that I generally don't buy is the purely asthetic kind like costumes and skins.
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#15 Posted by UpInFlames (13301 posts) -

F*** DLC. 99% of it is absolute horseshit.

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#16 Posted by johnd13 (9336 posts) -

I only spend time and money on DLCs of games I particularly like and on condition that it will add new quests, characters, story. Weapon, outfit or map DLCs do not interest me.

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#17 Posted by DJ-Lafleur (35549 posts) -

Downloadable content? If handled properly I am okay with it. 

Disc-locked content? F*ck that BS.

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#18 Posted by Gallowhand (591 posts) -

The more I think about it, the more I miss proper expansion packs. :/

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#19 Posted by Deadpool-n (489 posts) -

If it is good. Mostly just steam sales, etc.

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#20 Posted by SoNin360 (6747 posts) -
Overall, I don't like DLC, but I make occasional exceptions in purchasing it. If it's for a game I really like, or I know it has decent value beforehand, I'll consider purchase it.
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#21 Posted by gpuFX16 (1296 posts) -

I'm ok with it for the most part. Though you can easily tell when some of them don't have much effort behind them or are just there for a quick buck, there are some good ones out there, especially if you get them on sale. Good ones that come to mind (at least for me): Borderlands' Secret Armory, RDR's Undead Nightmare, Dark Souls' Artorias of the Abyss. Felt like I got my money's worth there.


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#22 Posted by gamingqueen (31076 posts) -

The only case I'm paying is when all games are distributed digitally instead of physical copies and the DLC is like the updates we get for games on smart phones but they better not be flash or low budget. The DLC/update has to be essential to completing the game.

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#23 Posted by MonoSilver (1392 posts) -
If it's free or offers a sizeable addition to the game then yes. If it's just a quick cash grab then of course not.
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#24 Posted by Seiryuu- (1202 posts) -
I don't have a problem with it. It's not really good or bad. If it adds a lot to the original game, then I don't really mind picking it up for $10-15. If it's just reskins or small additions, I usually don't unless I have money left over I just want to get rid of.
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#25 Posted by Spartan_N7 (581 posts) -
It depends on what it is. If its just maps for multiplayer (Call of Duty, Halo), then I dont buy them. If its for single player (Mass Effect, Skyrim) then I'll buy them.
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#26 Posted by Cyberdot (3928 posts) -

I rarely buy DLCs since most of them are bad.

Some of them are good though.

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#27 Posted by 187umKILLAH (1414 posts) -

I've never bought any digital dlc, only time I get it is if it's on a GOTY edition disc like RDR - Undead Nightmare and ES: Oblivion - Shivering Isles etc.

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#28 Posted by Michael0134567 (28651 posts) -

If I think it's good, then yeah. At the same time, if I'm enjoying a game, I'll likely buy it just to have more content.

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#29 Posted by Sileviathan (158 posts) -
If it's good DLC, then I'll support it. The Dark Souls DLC was great, and was well worth the $15 imo.
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#30 Posted by Vari3ty (11111 posts) -

It's not just a yes or no question. It depends entirely on how much a DLC's content is priced at and the perceived value of the content by the player. Red Dead Redemption's Undead Nightmare was a fantastic DLC expansion that almost felt like an entire new game for $10. 

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#31 Posted by deactivated-57e5de5e137a4 (12929 posts) -

Just like there used to be good and bad expansion packs, there's good and bad DLC.

I don't see DLC in general as a negative. Thanks to digital distribution, it's easier for developers to get "expansion packs" to consumers than it used to be when expansions were in physical form. That's a good thing. You don't have to buy the DLC but now it's more readily available for people who are huge fans of the game.


This is factual. My brain is able to decide what is good and bad, so I'm not going to paint all dlc as bad.

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#32 Posted by keech (1451 posts) -

As with all things, you can't just make a blanket statement about all DLC being bad or good.  Just like with the retail games themselves, there's bad and good DLC.


Certain companies have a track record with DLC.  Gearbox has had some of the best DLC packs I've ever seen in Borderlands 1 & 2, offering a LOT of content for the price.  Bethesda has (mostly) done good with Skyrim and Fallout in terms of DLC. 


Then on the opposite side of the coin, you have companies like Activision, EA, and Capcom.  Activision DLC while isn't bad quality, are questionably priced, Call of Duty offering a $15 map pack consisting of 3 maps?  EA like to microtansaction you to death, just look at Dead Space 3 or The Sims 3.  Capcom loves to sell on-disk content that was completed before the game was even released, content that greatly affects the core game itself (Street Fighter X Tekken anyone?)


In short, the companies that realize DLC is a means to extending the life of a game by offering additional content over months or even years tend to make good DLC.  The companies that treat it as a sleazy cash grab tend to released bad DLC.

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#33 Posted by Flubbbs (4947 posts) -

yea.. some games have good DLC like Fallout 3 and lair of the shadow broker was great too

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#34 Posted by Kemonojin (48 posts) -
It depends if I'll get my money's worth. I always look up the reviews and opinions thoroughly from others before I consider purchasing any DLC to avoid being disappointed.
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#35 Posted by DercDredger (25 posts) -
So long as the content is produced with the intention of adding to the original game, rather than holding back planned content for extra money.
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#36 Posted by Ragma117 (25 posts) -

If it provides value to a game and its not day one DLC or contect that exists already in the disc I dont mind.

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#37 Posted by sukraj (27501 posts) -


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#38 Posted by Darkeroid2212 (293 posts) -

Not all DLCs are bad.

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#39 Posted by jcopp72 (5370 posts) -
I dont buy DLC for every game that I play, but some of them I do. I dont buy multiplayer DLC . I buy DLC that adds tp the main story or is more single player content. Like L.A. Noire DLC and Skyrim DLC.
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#40 Posted by EvilSelf (3619 posts) -

I would only purchase a DLC that is worth the money. For example, all Fallout DLCs are worth it to me since i am a fan of the series and their combine playtime is more than 30-40 hours! I would never buy a multiplayer DLC - one that provides just a few exptra maps or what not...

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#41 Posted by Doom_HellKnight (12217 posts) -
If it's good? Yes. If it's bad? No.
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#42 Posted by AtotehZ (112 posts) -

The Sims 3 titles are not DLC, they are expansions, there is a difference.

If you take a DLC and an expansion as the same thing, I doubt any fan of a game wouldn't buy a "DLC". There are some stupid DLC's out there though.

To the guy who was complaining about DLC(was it the OP).. If you would rather pay the full price of all the content as once, feel free to contact game companies and suggest that. If you want to pay for the main and most important part of the game first and then decide if you want to pay for more, be satisfied.

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#43 Posted by Canvas_Of_Flesh (4052 posts) -
I used to buy DLC a bit, but after getting burned a few times by crap, I stay far away from most of it now. Most of it's just too expensive for an hour or two of what seems like an afterthought.
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#44 Posted by JimmiCottam (105 posts) -
I support it when it's free
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#45 Posted by The_Last_Ride (76371 posts) -
If the DLC is good like a DA:O Awakening, then i am all for it, but there is just so much crap for games right now that i have my doubts
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#46 Posted by Ish_basic (4799 posts) -

If the DLC is good like a DA:O Awakening, then i am all for it, but there is just so much crap for games right now that i have my doubtsThe_Last_Ride

Awakening was more of an expansion, though. A lot of the DA DLC was an absolute rip-off...either armor packs or single sidequests. In general, BioWare's DLCs were terrible up until Overlord, which was semi-decent. And they've released a few goods ones since then.

But generally, if the DLC ads content proportional to its price tag, I'll give it shot. I think Bordlerlands really set the bar this gen with the first sets of expansion content that were worthwhile.

And then there's games like Skyrim where I bought the Dawnguard and Dragonborn DLCs because I wanted to use mods that required said DLCs. And I know I'm not alone in that.

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#47 Posted by yellosnolvr (19302 posts) -
rarely, but yes.
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#48 Posted by samrules28 (458 posts) -
I generally will only buy story based dlc which I am actually a big fan of. I think it's awesome when a dlc can bring you back to a game that you loved and make it feel fresh again. Especially when there is like a new gameplay mechanic or different mood than the original game. RDR Undead Nightmare is a good example of a DLC which let you come back to a game universe that you loved but there was a completely different tone and mood. There should be more DLCs like that.
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#49 Posted by famicommander (8524 posts) -
I don't buy DLC, or any other DRM-laced digital content. Either a physical copy or DRM-free for me, thanks. Free DLC is good, though.
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#50 Posted by MasterTankallex (115 posts) -

Depends. If it's say, an expansion pack and it's worth the money, then yes. If it's an on disk character or dungeon and it was released on the same day as the game just so they can milk the buyer for more money, then no.