Do you still own/use your PS Vita?

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I sold mine off a couple of years ago. All it really had to offer to me was Tales of Hearts R and Gravity Rush.

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I've been really tempted to pick one up so many times, but just can't justify the price when you factor in memory cards and stuff. 😟 Maybe someday.

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Yes, I use still use it occasionally. I know pretty much anything on it can be played on the PS4 now, but I prefer playing some games like visual novels on a handheld. I've gotten decent use out of overall, but I am at the point where I might only play 2 or 3 games on it in a given year.

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Yes I own vita, but has not used it in like 6 - 7 month? unfortunately for it, RDR2, Valkyria chronicles 4, Spidey, Tomb Raider all releases so close I don't have time for it. Also too bad for my switch, not used since Octopatch few month back. Really considering hacking switch and vita so I can get something out of the poor consoles .

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Just used mine the other day played FFX

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@speeny : good

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I use my Vita almost every day. I lost my first one and wanted another OLED one after they stopped making them, so I paid $250 to get one new and unopened. Totally worth it.

I prefer my Switch but the PS1 game selection on the Vita can’t be beat.

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Yes I still own my first gen Vita. It still plays.

I have almost 15 games for it and one rare edition of a game in cartridge format.

I still love to play Zero Escape trilogy or the Danganrompa trilogy on it.

I still have 2 games that I never saw the end ... KillZone ( that I played the hell of the multiplayer mode ) and Dragon's Crown.

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I'm still know to the world of Vita ever since I traded my GTX 1070 for a Vita from a friend here on Gamespot last year. I only have 3 games and I don't use my Vita very often due to me owning a Switch and I like to carry one handheld device at a time. I'm glad I didn't buy Vita on launch, Sony really drop the ball on supporting Vita. What a total waste.

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@davillain-: Yeah it was a real shame. The Vita has been off the shelves since early last at least. Tons of them on Ebay though. It's a real let down it wasn't as successful as the PSP.

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Its a console I've never owned im thinking about getting one 2nd hand or for a good deal. It seems to be a very capable console Sony abandoned far too early.

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I travel a lot for work, so I still use mine. It's just really hard to find good games on it, since Sony never really utilized it. I really wish they would borrow the Switch idea from Nintendo and make a Sony Switch. Capable of playing full Ps4/Ps5 games on a hand held.

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I love mine though I use it less now that I own a Switch. The Switch is basically a big vita except this time people know how great it is to play console quality games on the go. There were people claiming that the reason why the Vita failed was due to people "not wanting full console experiences on the go". What a lie that was.

It's basically the Dreamcast while the Switch is the PS2.

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My Vita has a permanent home by my bedside, most of the time I'm playing Blazblue on it.

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I actually use it everyday. Don't see myself getting rid of it.

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I still have my Vita but I do not use it, there are too many good games on the ps4 for the moment, so I do not have time for the psp.