Do you read the extra in-game texts?

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Bravo to you if you read all that stuff, you are a true fan. I only read what interests me or short texts. Probably miss out on a lot of the lore by skipping them because most of the time I just want to play the game and not read stuff. No spoilers here, in the first Life Is Strange I read all of the text messages given to the main character but I didn't read her journal.

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Depends on game. If the game tell me a great story of course I made efforts to get deeper into the lore and read everything.

If those games is like Dark Souls or those walking simulator where item descriptions and guesswork is the main method of understanding the story I say fk it and go watch youtube videos later to understand the lore. I really don't want to deal with bullshit. Really poor with inventory management and don't want to spend my time there looking for clues there.

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For the most part yeah I’ll usually read all the extra in game text stuff in the games I play to get a better sense of the lore and storytelling. In some games like The Elder Scrolls or Fallout I’ll skim through some of the text stuff like from books you find and such but even then I’ll look for them to try and find any bits that I might find interesting.

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Yep, most of the time. Don't want to miss anything that could become important.

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I will read the first few. To see what they're like. Some have hints or codes.

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Sometimes: depends on the game and what kind of mood i'm in.

I once popped into a library in Vivec in Morrowind and started reading the books for ages. There was loads of books from the history of various places to made up tales. Don't know why...just got a bit absorbed in it.

At the moment i am playing Doom 2016 and Pillars 2 and i tend to real the background lore in those before i end a playing session.

I always find it a very elegant way for games to tell their story or flesh it out: have it in background text that you can read at your leisure (or ignore if you don't care). It's much nicer than spoon feeding it to you in long drawn out cutscenes.

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Nah, if I'm playing a game my intent is to 'play' the game. Unless it's part a puzzle, progression tool.

Plus one of my hobbies is studying poetry; so if I actually wanted to read something. I would at least read something well written with an insightful meaning.

Not poorly written sword-lore for how a king lost his castle for the billionth time.

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Yes. It was very disappointing when Splinter Cell: Panderos Tomorrow effectively removed all the text info from sachets. The enemies suddently go from feeling like characters in a plot to hollow AI.

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Usually yes as long as it doesn't take too long. I loved reading every bit of lore and detail in Mass Effect's Codex. On the other hand, I skipped the majority of books in Skyrim. There were so many of them.