Do you quit or force yourself to finish games you don't like?

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The 1st Assassin's Creed comes to mind. It was a decent game but just dragged on too long and got repetitive.
I force myself to finish games I don't like because I will feel like I've wasted money if I quit early. What about you?

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I can't force myself to finish the game that I don't like, the same thing with the books and films

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Sometimes, but definitely not often. If I know I'm close enough to the end then I'll usually just pull through and end up finishing it. (I need to stop doing that period, though.)

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I force myself to finish because I'm a completionist. That's why I'm careful what I even start because once I'm in I'm in lol

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I normally finish all the games I start, unless its retro games which are usually to hard for me to do so. Rare occasions I stop playing because a game sucks, but it has to be really awful for me to do so. I can't think of any recent games that fit that bill.

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Very rarely I go all the way on games I'm not finding fun.

Only sometimes I've made an exception; game could be pretty short. Or to give me something of context for conversations about that game.

Usually depends how bad the game actually is.

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I don't even finish a lot of games I do like. Always say I'll get back to them but usually don't.

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I never do that. Waste of time. I just sell it and get most of my money back.

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I would say forced, but Ocarina, BotW and Skyward Sword begged me to stop, I didn't listen, and then forced myself cause they aren't good. Maybe they did cool things that people love, and maybe they are good 10s, but they aren't fun.

As for other things like 1886, Yooka Laylee, and etc. yeah I just quit.

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Tried multiple times now to get into Evil WIthin.

Reading reviews etc.. maybe I'm wrong and just not seeing it.

Nope. Bad design all over the place. A boring slog.

Some games you just can't endure.

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Rarely, the point of games is to have fun, if I'm not having fun there is no point in playing. There have been times where a game starts to jump the shark late into the game and then I will push through to finish it, but as a rule I have no problem putting down a game I am not enjoying.

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I only beat games that I actually enjoy playing. I do give most games a chance though.

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Well I don't really have to force myself to....

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Depend on games. I tends to finish my jrpg but I will walk away from open world games soon as I am not feeling it

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Depends on the game. I've walked away from some games. Mostly because they have bad plot and gameplay. I haven't finished Lolliopo Chainsaw or Bayonetta. Mostly because I'm not really into beat-em ups and there was not really any plot to speak of. I sometimes might walk away from games if they are too hard. I just give up. I might suffer through some bad gameplay if it has an interesting plot. I want to find out what happens and I'm not really into watching other people play games.

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I guess I’m a quitter. If the game is not to my liking (Dragon Age PS4), or way to hard (Nioh), got bored of (Horizon Zero Dawn), then I stop playing.

But I finish most of the games I play. Very occasionally I might play a game twice.

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It's like if you force youself to read a book that is completely boring. Nobody needs to waste their time doing something they don't really want to. There are buchs of books and video games in my rack that I won't finish.

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Yeah I do force myself. Partly because I don't like it when I never finish things. Partly because the only way I'll learn to be good at anything in life is to force myself to do it. There is nothing in life that I find interesting for long enough to get good at it, so every day is me trying to force myself to do things. I think that mentality crosses over a little into my gaming habits.

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I only force myself when I know I'm nearing the end. Otherwise, I just quit.

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Waste of time to play something I don't enjoy when there are so many games to play that I do enjoy. I complain about them on forums instead. Which is totally not a waste of time.

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if I paid for it, I like to finish it. But I do have a point where i just cut my losses.

Also, to me finishing a game isn't necessarily getting to the end credits. Just like with people, sometimes they've nothing left to say even though they're still talking. MGS5 is a good example of that.

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When I was younger, maybe, but not I am more picky on what games I play and buy and if I can't get into it, I won't play it.

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If I don't like a game, I don't force myself to finish it. If I hate myself enough to torture myself, there ways much more effective... like posting in System Wars.

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As far as I see it, a game's sole purpose is to entertain. If I'm not having fun, I'm just wasting time.