Do you prefer to play one game at a time or multiple?

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Posted by Speeny (1764 posts) 6 days, 10 hours ago

Poll: Do you prefer to play one game at a time or multiple? (11 votes)

One 27%
Multiple 73%

It really depends on the games in my opinion. But I usually like to play one game at a time. It generally enables me to get the maximum experience possible.

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#1 Posted by CTR360 (8705 posts) -

multiple games at least 15 games om my ps4 pro

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#2 Edited by goodzorr (503 posts) -

Multiple but only like 2 maybe 3.

I am currently playing:

Crash Team Racing when playing on my own

PUBG with my mates

Inside because it's only short and actually quite gripping

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#3 Posted by Valgaav_219 (2431 posts) -

I try to focus on one game at a time because that's how I make the most progress and actually beat games and reduce my backlog. At times I get burned out on one game and just have to play something else. I'm currently playing:

- Infamous: Second Son

- Eternal Sonata

- Final Fantasy VI

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#4 Posted by RSM-HQ (8410 posts) -

Always three and dart around them depending on my mood-

  • Something that I can play without much attention needed. Usually replaying a favorite game.
  • A more demanding game of my attention, I play slowly and in chunks. Or try to binge it in a day-off work.
  • And something multiplayer, usually like the first one, easily accessible to my muscle memory.
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#5 Posted by HEATHEN75 (719 posts) -

I usually play one single player game at a time and jump between 2 or 3 multiplayer games.

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#6 Posted by robert_sparkes (3072 posts) -

I can play something like the witcher 3 and fortnite together but nothing more than that. The witcher 3 is just an incredible experience no time for anything else.

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#7 Posted by XVision84 (16220 posts) -

Multiple. I only stick to 1 game if it really engages me.