Do you prefer having the same or new protagonists?

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Games like Grand Theft Auto have a one-off protagonist. Zelda has Link. I prefer having new protagonists, playing as the same character can get boring. All though, sometimes I wish some protagonists got the same treatment as Assassin's Creed did with Ezio Auditore and his three full-fledged games by Ubisoft. I'm sort of glad there will be a new Witcher in The Witcher 4.

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Really depends on the game but most of the time different.

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Depends on the game. For instance I don’t mind playing as different characters in the GTA games but for something like The Legend of Zelda I don’t think that I’d want to play as any one else but Link.

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Generally if it's something like Final Fantasy, new characters per game is good.

But if it's a game that I want a sequel for involving the same main protagonist & characters in general, keep it as is. :P

For the example...The Last of Us 2 without Joel or Ellie? Wouldn't be too good in my opinion.

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@speeny: Yeah, I agree it wouldn't be the same without them for a trilogy. But maybe it'd be okay if they had a spinoff like Uncharted: The Lost Legacy.

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I tend to bond and identify with certain characters so I prefer the same protagonist most of the time.

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I think the same is better. In Mario games, it always seems weird when you're introduced to a ton of Bowser's friends, rather than Bowser himself. This is a new thing that came when the games starting being in 3D.

I know we're talking protagonists, but still - it shows what changing characters does to confuse the plot!

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If it's a direct sequel then the same protagonist. If it's a sequel like elder scrolls does, then a new one.

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Rarely care for things staying the same. All up for improvement, a downgrade however? . . Not so much