Do you prefer Chrono Trigger or Chrono Cross?

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I think I already know how this topic is going to go, but I want to hear people's thoughts anyway.

I personally prefer Chrono Cross (it's actually my favorite game of all time). It wasn't as good as Trigger in terms of characters and character development, but I thought the battle system was deeper and more rewarding, the exotic art style made Trigger look kind of bland by comparison, the story, while not as well told as Trigger's, had more interesting ideas, and the soundtrack was superior.

Anyway, what do you guys think?

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Chrono Trigger because it had fewer, but far better developed characters and a much more cohesive story.

Chrono Cross had fantastic production values (for the time) and a excellent soundtrack (which is still some of the best to this day), but that's about it.

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In terms of gameplay, I prefer Chrono Trigger. It has a faster-paced battle system, larger worlds to explore, lovable cast of characters, tightly plotted storyline, and high replay value. A timeless masterpiece of game design.

In terms of narrative, I prefer Chrono Cross. I found it darker, more mature, and more ambitious, with a larger cast of well developed characters and philosophical themes explored in some depth. And it had one of the best soundtracks ever composed for a video game.

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Cross's elemental system at least adds variation to the combat, forcing the player to adapt to different character sets and tactics based on enemy types and elemental fields. I don't recall ever deviating from a particular playstyle in Chrono Trigger. It's as simple as it gets. Also the standard attack options in CC add an element of risk. It's too forgiving and not as developed as the combat system in Fallout, but it's a nice addition.

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I could not only get into but I finished Chrono Trigger back when I played it (some 10 years ago now). Cross I've tried probably about 4 times to get into but I just can't. It doesn't appeal to me.

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Chrono Trigger is one of the few jrpgs that I like. I have Cross too, but I lost interest in it extremely quickly. It kind of reminds me of Advance Guardian Heroes, and how it killed all the joy that existed in the first game, even if it was a good game in its own right.

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Chrono Cross was such a major disappointment for me. It wasn't the same game that I was hoping it to be and in all honest, was even more disappointed to find out that it's the true sequel to Chrono Trigger, which is a damn shame. Chrono Trigger is and will forever be a masterpiece. It isn't just my favorite SNES game of all time, it's my favorite RPG of all time. Nothing else comes close to the magic and beauty that game brought to me.

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Sadly, I have yet to play Cross. I really want to, though. Chrono Trigger is utterly amazing in just about ever way.

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Have to go with Cross, I find Trigger to be a little overrated.

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I favor Chrono Trigger instead of Chrono Cross because the former is more fun. I like Akira Toriyama's art style, too. Chrono Cross has better music, but in-game, I actually preferred Chrono Trigger. Chrono Cross is a great game and I hope its quality gives more depth to my two prior statements about Chrono Trigger.

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I pick Chrono Trigger. Honestly, I can barely even remember chrono cross, not the story at least so I'm sure that's saying something.

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Both are such excellent games but I'd go with Cross over Trigger.

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Cross. The art, animation, music, story twists, and battle-system are incredible.

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chrono trigger i had some fun with that game woudnt put it in my fav games ever but it was fun the soundtrack was incredeble

as for chrono cross i have no interest in playing it sorry ^^