Do you like watching the "behind the scenes" of games?

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One thing i really liked about God of War is that it always shows some behind the scenes features of Sony Santa Monica making the game and how crazy it gets trying to get everything to work, i wish more games would do this.

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I remember in SSX Tricky, they had some film of real boarder cross racing. It wasn't really behind the scenes of making the game, but it was a cool video feature to include.
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I really enjoy it when a game comes with that extra DVD of behind the scenes work. I got one when I bought Diablo 3, and I found the extra stuff to be really cool. I do wish more games came with their behind the scenes DVDs.

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Hell Yeah ! Although I wish it would happen much much much more often.
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I love them! :)
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I love them! :) fend_oblivion

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Absolutely! One of my favourites was the sound design video for Dark Sector, to properly simulate all the gross sounds of tearing flesh they got a bunch of fruits and vegetables together and completely went down on them with all kinds of equipment. Same with Hulk: Ultimate Destruction, they actually went to a junk-yard and dropped a bunch of cars from high altitudes to properly nail that car dropping sound you hear every time you chuck a car towards someone.
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Yes, I wish more games included Behind the Scenes Making of videos

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i like them, i like interviews making the game with the developers
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Most definitely, wish more games would include this kind of stuff.
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Most definitely, wish more games would include this kind of stuff.Archangel3371
yeah, sucks most of them have almost nothing on them