Do you like 007 (James Bond) games? Aren't we due a new one?

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Well I love 007 (James Bond) games and was just wondering if anyone like myself would love to see a new one? It's been a while since the last 007 game, infact I don't think we've had one this gen. Don't you guys think we are due a new one?

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No, and no.

Goldeneye was all right for the time but I think history has shown that it was only popular because its platform was popular and starving for FPS's.

Would rather get Alpha Protocol 2, if we are talking about spy games.

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A James Bond game with Telltale style would work and I want to play it even though I'm not a James Bond fan to begin with.

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A telltale type version would work well. I would also like a 3rd person 007 game similar to the old splinter cell games.

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A game based on slapping a girl on her butt, telling her to "Run along now.." then using his Beretta on offended SJWs would spark interest....

Seriously though, it would have to be a good game to get me interested. Most JB games haven't been much to write home about.

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The last crop of Bond games from Activision didn't sell much. I don't think any publishers are interested in the license anymore.

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@robert_sparkes: splinter cell style bond could work, great idea.

Telltale style not for me the plot in bond films are generally boring.

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Sure there should be one more. But developers are to make it really interesting not for fans only, but for those who have never watched movies and come just to 'play a game about a spy with 'thrilling plot'.

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I love Goldeneye. I remmeber myself playing it in my N64, and for me it was an incredible moment to find this kind of video game. Since that moment, I started enjoying FPS. I believe a video game based in movies like Skyfall could work. Maybe now would be better a third person shooter, but the possibility to see a game like that drives me out.

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@mrbojangles25 said:

Would rather get Alpha Protocol 2, if we are talking about spy games.

It's funny you would say that. I was thinking of starting the first one. Is it any good?