Do you enjoy 3D model "trophy" modes in games?

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What I mean is, do you like (and would prefer) games to have an option to view in-game assets? Like the Batman games do? You can look at all of the 3D models, rotate, zoom, and check out all the detail that went into their creation? This really feels like a gift from the creators.

I was playing Pikmin 3 last night, and you can rotate and view the fruit you gather after the day is done. Such beautiful rendering and attention to detail. It seems a shame that most games don't have a fully dedicated mode to allow the player to look at all the models of the world. I would love, for instance, for TLoU to have the ability to look at all the characters and environments in a free-camera mode at their leisure. Hell, maybe even allow me to set-up set pieces for a photo shoot. If Rocksteady holds true to tradition, it's going to be incredible to be able to check out all the models in full, HD glory from the new Knight game. Batmobile, everything. I love that they do this, it's a testament to their hard work.

So is this important in a game to you? Considering the time it takes to create such detail, and the small amount of time it'd take to create a simple camera browsing tools and environments to admire them, this seems like a no-brainer to me. Not to mention, if implemented correctly in the campaign it adds incentive to progress and see everything it (as Batman's riddles unlock the models) has to offer.

Why don't more developers do this?