Do you consider Trials a racing game?

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So our current forum links for Trials HD and Trials Evolution send users to this board. Do you feel these titles are racing games or more of a puzzle game. Yes there is speed and trying to beat your best times, but the amount of precision and timing make Trials unlike most other driving games; you can't even see what's in front of you most of the time.

Maybe we just need some kind of hybrid genre board.

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Personally I see it as a mixture of a driving/racing/puzzle game, but that is just me.
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Personally, I don't consider it a RACING game. Sure you try to best your friend's times on the tracks, but that is pretty much the extent. However, since the board I am seeing is labeled Driving Games Discussion, I would consider it a driving game and is definitely the right category for Trials then, in my opinion. ;)
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Trials is and always has been a platformer...

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"Driving platformer" yes I just invented that phrase
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"Driving platformer" yes I just invented that phraseHitmanHugh
this sounds accurate....
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Trials is a racing game. You're on a track and you race against people, isn't that the definition of a racing game?