Do you buys games even if they don't come with the box or instuction manual?

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#1 Posted by zatchbell101 (99 posts) -
I mostly buy games that come with the manual and box. Do you?
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#2 Posted by Meska2 (392 posts) -
I will buy a game that doesn't have the instruction manual, but.. i wont buy the game if it doesn't have a case.
But if i can get the game as it was in its original release, then i go for that.
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#3 Posted by Treflis (13671 posts) -
No, but I have a friend that buys me games from Hong Kong that comes in simply plastic covers.
I actually got a Chinese version of Hitman: Contracts.
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#4 Posted by judog1 (24655 posts) -

No, I always have to have a case for it, atleast with games that are in a disc format, I just cannot see how someone can buy a game that comes in opne of those generic gamestop cases.

But say if it's an old game for the NES, I just pick up the game, although if I buy stuff on ebay I would try to get a box depending on how much it costs.

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#5 Posted by Legendaryscmt (12532 posts) -
I need both, but I've made exceptions with KOTOR and Freedom fighters.
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#6 Posted by Full-Throttle (2432 posts) -
I am collecting NES games right now, and all I want is the game. Personally I find the boxes kinda a waste of space.
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#7 Posted by Senor_Kami (8529 posts) -

I am collecting NES games right now, and all I want is the game. Personally I find the boxes kinda a waste of space.Full-Throttle

Man, how can you say that but you're a game collector?!?

If I buy a game on Amazon used and it doesn't have the original box or manual but does come in a dvd case, I don't mind if its cheap. Most games are casual in the sense that they have a baby first stage that you can't skip and the game actually pauses gameplay and shows you how to play it. If it was an old game where you were expected to have near mastered the core mechanics at the start of stage 1, you'd need a manual for that.

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#8 Posted by Jdog30 (4509 posts) -
i do not care about the maual what soever, and if its a cartridge i dont care about the box what soever. I usually just buy games new because i dont buy many games per system anyway though.
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#9 Posted by kayn83 (2214 posts) -
I make sure they have the correct manual and box. I think its part of the game's aesthetic.
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#10 Posted by megagene (23156 posts) -
Only GBA games.
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#11 Posted by Naikori (565 posts) -

No. There is really not chance for a game to survive shipping without having problems with it once paid without a case, IMO.

I do buy a game with the case and sometimes without the manual.

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#12 Posted by CommanderShiro (21746 posts) -
Depends on my chances of seeing that game disc again. So when I saw these PSone games I really wanted for not that much money, I bought them even though they were only the discs.
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#13 Posted by wassup432 (1025 posts) -

I try to get the manual and the box but if I get one of them, then I live with it.

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#14 Posted by BubbyJello (2750 posts) -

Maybe. If it's a cartridge, yes. If it's a disc I'll only buy it used if I can't find it brand new anywhere(or if it's overly expensive), and if I buy it used I don't care if it has the instruction book, but the case is a must.

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#15 Posted by Rocky32189 (8995 posts) -

If it's a game that originally came in a cardboard box, I could care less about having the box.

If it's a game that originally came in a hard plastic case, I must have the case.

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#16 Posted by marchofthedogs (192 posts) -
It depends I've only even gotten one game that didnt have the original case and that's only because I'd never been able to find it anywhere else. The manual I'd like to have it but if it isnt there I'm not overly worried and like 95% of the time the pre-owned game I get have the manual. I only buy pre-owned if I can't find it new though or the difference between the prices of new and pre-owned is a lot.
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#17 Posted by shaggyaz (2279 posts) -
no I will only buy them with the case and manual unless I absolutley have to
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#18 Posted by EmptySki (3743 posts) -
I need everything pretty much because i feel like its empty without everything. And i hate stickers on my cases lol.
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#19 Posted by ChampionOfLight (204 posts) -

Like most others, for me it depends on the media format.

Cartridges = Don't care, don't need 'em. Instructions are easily found online, boxes are pretty much a waste. The game title / image is right on the front label for most carts.

Discs = Being a 'collector' as well as player of PSX / PS2 game, no way. Cases, instruction manuals, cover art = all must-haves for me. I once had to swap a 'generic' Gamestop Atelier Iris: Eternal Mana keepcase (Ugly as heck and with no instructions) with the original one at my local store (which included the instructions......thankfully the price was the same, so they gladly let me make the swap).

For both, if the covers are worn / plastic is cracked on the cases, I just swap out all the inserts and discs into replacement CD (PSX) / DVD (PS2) cases.

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#20 Posted by marchofthedogs (192 posts) -

I need everything pretty much because i feel like its empty without everything. And i hate stickers on my cases lol.EmptySki

Omg stickers. It's alright when you can get them off really easily but then theres the occasional one that takes like an hour to come off or it leaves a sticky mark.

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#21 Posted by rocknrollmonkey (232 posts) -
i buy it no mater what unless its scratched
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#22 Posted by kadomony1988 (510 posts) -
well i always try to get the games with original case and booklet. i own 101 PS2 games and only one doesnt have the booklet
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#23 Posted by linkin_guy109 (8864 posts) -
ive only ever bought one game without a box or manual, that game was a copy of mgs2 for 10 bucks, oh yes and i traded my friend for his copy of dragon quest 1 and 2 for a yu gi oh card
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#24 Posted by homegirl2180 (7161 posts) -
I just recently bought the first Fire Emblem for GBA and it was cart-only. This is the first time I've not bought a game with the original box and manual in I believe over a year, if not, two. This can be entirely credited to my unwavering use with Amazon.
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#25 Posted by xmitchconnorx (2649 posts) -
Depends. Disc games i need box and instructions, but i'll by loose carts without hesitation.
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#26 Posted by preitje (154 posts) -

If it's a game that originally came in a cardboard box, I could care less about having the box.

If it's a game that originally came in a hard plastic case, I must have the case.


yep, me too. Like with gba games,I don't care much about the cardboard box. They are not very durable.
But with my ps2, I would like to have the box and manual in (almost) mint condition and non-platinum. I'm a ps2 collector :P

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#27 Posted by butterlou (161 posts) -

For me I will buy a game and yes, for me, it MUST have the box art. All my games now are disc format so I don't have to worry about cartridges. Every once and again I have to suffer and do not get the manual, but I quickly find myself 'on the hunt for it.'

However, when I trade the game back in or decide I like it and will get it later and trade it in; I keep the manual and case therefore I don't have to worry with if I have the case or not.

My garage has a bookshelf full! HA

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#28 Posted by strayzilla (560 posts) -

Really depends on the case and system and game for me.

A ton of times, if there's a game I really want and don't have it I may buy a game w/o a case or instructions knowing full well I will upgrade to a copy that does later when I get a chance.

A ton of old carts like 2600 or Coleco or NES don't usually come with instructions or cases. I'll get those in a second because boxes and instructions are easy to get on EBay.

Some system games like say Master System or Genesis I really insist the games have the hard plastic cases on it. They're well built and shouldn't have fallen apart like most old boxes.

When I hit up EB and a used game doesn't even have a cover, I avoid. Obviously someone who's not interested in looking after their stuff owned it.

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#29 Posted by DJ-Lafleur (35604 posts) -

I would prefer to have the case, but if that is the only way to get the game I want, then I will get it case-less. If it is a GBA game or DS game, then I don't care as much, because the cartridge will end up going in my nice GBA or DS case anyway. I ended up getting Fire Emblem: Sacred stones without a case or manuel.

And as for the instruction manuel, I don't care about it, since I never need it. 8)

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#30 Posted by muthsera666 (13271 posts) -
I really, really like to have the original box and the manual. This generation, I've only made one exception. I've even gone back to EB because there wasn't a manual in the box. Luckily they had it, but I wanted it. Yesterday I passed on a game because it had one of the black replacement boxes, though it did have the original label in it.
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#31 Posted by Alley-Cat (383 posts) -
Box, yes. Instruction manual, doesn't matter.
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#32 Posted by electr1c_r3d (142 posts) -

It depends really, because I tend to trade a lot of my games in. If it's cheap I don't mind if it doesn't come with a box or a manual, but I'm not really fussed. If it's a game I value highly (such as the Final Fantasy series) I'd only buy it with a box and a manual and preferably brand new.

Tbh, I don't mind at all. I got a copy of Age of Empires II from Game for £2 ages ago without the box and I was pretty happy.

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#33 Posted by skp_16 (3854 posts) -

Cartridge box - no

Disk case - yes

Manual - depends on the game

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#34 Posted by gokuofheaven (3452 posts) -

Even if the game is hard to find and it's missing the Manual or Case I will not buy it.

To me it does not feel complete.

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#35 Posted by blazinpuertoroc (12245 posts) -
only if its a catridge..
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#36 Posted by _AbBaNdOn (6518 posts) -
I dont plan on ever selling games I buy so it doesnt really matter what they come with. Having said that games that come with cases and manuals have usually been taken ALOT better care of. When you buy disc only you are dealing with some inbred hillbilly who smokes and uses his games a coasters for his beer bottles. Thanx to my local Video rental store I dont really give a crap about the condition of the disk anymore either. The new disk cleaning machines they have are awesome and do a pretty good job of fixing any minor to moderate scratching. As long as they are broken are have deep gouges your good to go.
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#37 Posted by braindead_hero (1174 posts) -
I always look for the complete version, if I can get instructions and box then I will, sometimes if theres no manual then I can live with that but a box is a must
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#38 Posted by watson_twenty5 (657 posts) -
I definitely prefer it if they do. It's one of my "things". If I have the option of getting the game complete then I will. Even if it costs a little extra [eBay].
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#39 Posted by Talldude80 (6321 posts) -

If im buying a game thats on a disc (cdrom or dvd) it better have a case. but with Genesis games I make an exception IF the game is really good and/or cheap. with NES games, the paper boxes are really just a waste of $. I just stack those huge games up on my entertainment center.

but of all my games, a good percentage have the original case and instructions. and I never buy those ugly cases that say blockbuster or gamecrazy on them. those should be heavily discounted, but usually are not.

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#40 Posted by fiercedeity901 (6291 posts) -
if it's cartridge then no....disc then yes
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#41 Posted by channtheman1 (1176 posts) -
Any disc based media I always get the case and manual. When I look for old games on ebay I like to try and get an original game and not a greatest hits version as well.
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#42 Posted by Saruman1719 (12466 posts) -

WIth cartridge games, I don't care about anything other than the cart.

For disc games, as long as it has the manual, artwork, and even it is in a jacked up case, like the ones from Gamestop, I'll buy it. I have extra cases for that purpose and I give the discs a buffing if needed.

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#43 Posted by cellphone654321 (116 posts) -
Both if i am buying a n64 game then its near impossible to have the box and the manual but if i am buying a wii game then i would preferably have the case
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#44 Posted by carrotthead (1408 posts) -
every game i have ever owned has come with both it's box and manual...i don't usually buy games without them
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#45 Posted by BuryMe (22017 posts) -

The rule I go by is if it came in a cardboard box it doesn't need to be complete.

If it came in a plastic case, it needs to be complete.

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#46 Posted by ReaperV7 (6756 posts) -

depends on what console i get the game for...

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#47 Posted by ramboturd72 (3514 posts) -
If its a game that came in a cardboard box (gba, gbc) then I couldn't really care. But if its a console game, I would probably want it in its original case.
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#48 Posted by dissonantblack (34009 posts) -
only if it's all i can get
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#49 Posted by cfamgcn (5585 posts) -

Depends on two things...

1. Whether it is a cartridge game or a disc game. In the first case I don't care about the box, but for discs I prefer to have the original box.

2. Whether the game is easy/hard to find. In the case of a game like Final Fantasy VII (which a friend sold to me without box for $10) I didn't have any regrets at all...

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#50 Posted by Squire_Ramza (1239 posts) -
Yea, I'll buy any game so long as I want it. I have a few games that only have their original case with no booklet or vice versa. My Tactics Ogre PS port only has the booklet while my Parasite Eve II only has the case w/o the booklet. I also have Parasite Eve I without either. It just had a basic dual disc case with the stores logo on it.