Do you believe the smaller the weapon the more proficient you are at fighting?

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I mean look at John Wick. In most action game play throughs I use smg's and pistols against npc's who use assault rifles. Rocket launchers make you less badass over a pistol I think. With melee weapons though like Dark Souls, I never use daggers, I mainly use axes. In Fallout when fighting an npc who is wielding a melee weapon I try to match and duel them with my backup melee weapon. It feels unfair and cheesy to just shoot them.

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The smaller the weapon, the bigger the badass.

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Yes I agree, I generally dislike using big weapons in video games (except in Doom) I will use whatever I have and run around like a mad man shooting everything that moves.

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I'll use whatever's given to me to get the job done, I don't care about its size or "fairness".

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When a man with a .45 meets a man with a rifle, the man with a pistol will be a dead man.

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For games it varies from developer-to-developer_

I like both in Monster Hunter as both a Dual Blades and Long Sword main. Dark Souls I tend to lean on mid-long range weapons. And anything Itsuno sans team makes is simply a joy regardless of the weapon type.

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Sometimes. Take them by surprise!

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I mean, I know people like John Wick, and it's fun, but it's also stupid and you just have to be okay with trained gunmen not being able to hit another human being with a a really buy into it. Not Equilibrium stupid (see if you Vogue all the bullets miss), but stupid.

it's like Deniro said in Ronin when Bean asks him what weapon he likes. It's a tool. You pick the tool for the job. Knowledge of when to use one or the other - that's what makes you proficient.