Do you attend midnight launches often? What was your most memorable one?

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I don't think I've ever been to a midnight launch. These days I just download the game before hand, then, play it at midnight. Lol. I guess it does increase the hype waiting to get your copy of the game alongside other people though.

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I went to 3 of them. GTAIV, Starcraft II and GTAV. None of them were really that memorable. With everything online I don’t see myself attending another one again. I don’t get that hyped for games anymore anyway.

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Nah. I think last time was Dark Souls 2 or something like that. Everyone was there for something else and they were like 'What are getting?" and I was like "Friggin' Dark Souls" and they were like "....."

I don't see myself ever going to another one now that digital finally works okay on consoles. Just pre-load and be playing right at midnight.

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@pyro1245: Yep, being able to play the game instantly in my opinion is the best opinion. It's the lazy way. But if you don't care about a game being in physical format... it's fine. Lol

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@SOedipus: I think I still get hyped up waiting for it. You know, the build up, but as soon as I play it or it's the day of it's release..that feeling is gone.

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@speeny: And I don't need to get up to switch games! Lazy like a fox!

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I went to one back when GTA San Andreas released. Never even got out of the car. Saw the line and went back home. Picked it up the next day. Never again.

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The last I went to was GTA 3 ps2 I don't really bother anymore the internet has killed all hype for the events I had.

The most memorable was the ps2 which I still hold to be my 2nd best console of all time. I remember how excited everybody waiting was I think it might have been HMV. Music and snacks I doubt it's anything like it used to be.

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Not since WoW: Wrath of the Lich King.

It was an interesting experience, but with digital copies these days, what's the point? A few hours early access? Meh.

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Never done it. The games I've been interested are never sold out on day one.

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I was working at Best Buy when the Wii came out and a month later the PS3.

So I never been to one to purchaise

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I’ve been to a few before for a couple Call of Duty games, couple of the Halo games, Gears of War 2, a few for some consoles. I don’t really do it any more though as I usually just wait to go early the next day to pick up the game.

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@heathen75: Haha, good call.

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First midniggt launch wad GTA4 back in 08. Despite the hype around the game there wasnt much of a queue.

Next one was Mass Effect 2, that was literally just me waiting till 12 so Asda would sell me a copy.

Last one was GTA5 back in 2013, this one I was in line for a few hours and everyone was buzzing, there was even a fight that broke out.

The game was sold out of 360 and Ps3 for weeks after that.

Been PC only since then, so no need for midnight launches.

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I've never been to a midnight launch. I've been tempted a few times when I lived in a city, but having to get up at 6am to go to work it didn't seem like a smart move. It has worked fine just pre-ordering it and picking it up after work.

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I think I went to the Watchdogs 1 midnight launch, and it was completely forgettable so never again.

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The last midnight opening I went to was GTA V at Gamestop. They had free pizza all you could eat.

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I only buy digital games and music. No more staying up all night or getting up at 3am to go stand in a lineup. Those days are gone,but the last time I stood in a lineup I think it was Battlefield 4 for the Xbox 360. It was quite a while ago from what I remember.

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Things like that doesn't happen in my country, so no, I never did that.

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I used to, but I haven’t in a while.

I’ve stood in line for Halo 2, World of Warcraft: Burning Crisade/Litch King, PSP, Xbox One, and Halo 5/Elite controller. They gave away an X1 in a raffle to a woman standing right in front of me. I enjoyed midnight launches because you meet like minded gamers and you can play your purchases early. On Halo 2 night I got about 10 messages from jealous XBL friends.

Now I just download or buy a game the day of release. Although when the next Xbox launches, I will most likely buy it at midnight.

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#23 Posted by Speeny (1505 posts) -

@Sevenizz: Yeah what you said about meeting like-minded gamers. That’s definitely a positive.

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Never saw the point, never had the urge.

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Midnight launches for consoles especially were fun social experiences when I was younger. We camped out for the PS2 launch and some people had brought a PS1 and a TV and were playing outside the mall at like 3am (not sure where they were plugged into). Dreamcast, GameCube, Wii...camped out for all of them for at least a few hours with friends (overnight for the Wii). I worked at a video store when the PS2 launched and it had all of the launch games, so we went there afterwards (we had keys and the security code) and played until the store opened in the morning.

Midnight launches for games I still do occasionally since I buy games I really care about owning 100% physical still. The last game I showed up at midnight for was Super Mario Odyssey and there was a ton of people there.

That said, there’s nothing visible on the horizon I would do that for except maybe Death Stranding. It seems like there’s so many more games these days but not nearly as many really exciting ones that try to do something new, interesting or at least have a ton of craft and art put into them outside a very small handful of developers.

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@crunchymix: Great post.

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@crunchymix Some nice stories. I like the image of the people playing the PS1 while waiting in line.

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I think the midnight launches peaked during the dreamcast ps2 era.

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The only time that I've ever done midnight launches is for consoles that I could not get a pre-order for.

The last one that I went to was for the SNES Classic last year since pre-orders sold out in seconds and I knew after the NES Classic that if I wasn't in line at midnight, it would be nearly impossible to find one for months.

Prior to that, I had not been to one since the Wii launch.

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Only went to one midnight launch at a Walmart, for Halo 3. It was memorable because a full-bodied Master Chief showed up.

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They have never sounded appealing to me. For one, I almost never pre-order games, let alone pay full price for them. And then there's waiting in line very late at night just to get the game, go home, and probably be too tired to play it for more than an hour or two.

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@musicalmac: Huh-hey lol

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@SoNin360: Yep, you have a point.

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I think you'd find midnight launches have changed a lot. I used to go to them all the time when you had to sit and wait and there was maybe food, games set-up or whatever, but nowadays retailers are trying to save costs. Most midnight launches now, you just pick up your ticket on the day during normal store hours for your spot in line and show up at a little before 12AM. My experience with it is that it probably takes me as long as walking in and buying it on the day of, except I get it early.

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#35 Posted by Speeny (1505 posts) -

@Ish_basic: Lucky!