Do the old games of yesteryear deserve to be rebooted?

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Yo this has been on my mind for a while now there's a lot of old games out there both good and bad from the days of the mega drive and Snes up to the days of the PlayStation and N64 and it got me thinking which of these old games from there respected consoles have the potential for a reboot for today's modern consoles personally I would like there to be a reboot of the first primal rage since killer instinct got rebooted with today's technology I think it could work please give your opinion.

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The current era is a bad time for reboots, I always prefer a HD remaster these days

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No. Well...maybe?

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If they're done well sure why not?

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Well, it's better than having a bunch of games that aren't more than a couple of years old "rebooted"

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Name one video game reboot which is better than the original!

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@turtlethetaffer said:

If they're done well sure why not?

Yeah this.

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Yes, but it depends on the game.

Personally, the only series I want rebooted ATM is Dino Crisis, but there are lots of games that would benefit from been brought up-to-date.

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Most reboots are betrayals, so... no?

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If they can be done well then I have no problem with it.

I do not want RE to have a reboot.

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@wiouds: I think they could reboot it in the current universe if that makes sense. Just put it in a different time period and make it a totally new threat, new characters, etc.

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Sure why not. Old or recent, if a developer wants to reboot something and I like it then I'll buy it.

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@turtlethetaffer: What I like about the RE setting is that they said the early RE games happen and do not just sweep them under the rug. Dead Space games keep doing and the world never knew for each of the three games.

I just hate the ideal of a reboot because the characters are as scared anymore. Well the world change so they are working toward dealing with it.

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@wiouds: But like I said I think it'd be possible to reboot the series without really rebooting it. Like bring up a totally new threat, new cast, etc.

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I would fine with HD remaster versions, but actually reboots? Nah, I think it needs to happen since most of those notable games of yesteryear have sold really well that a reboot would kinda be a betrayal to the fans. But if it's a game that didn't do particular well, but had some neat concept, then I think that's acceptable for a reboot.