Do other people suffer this problem, or is it just me ?

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I brought watchdogs when it first came out, wasn't overly impressed at first, then after a while I started to enjoy it... But now I haven't played it for about 2months, because I play bf4 in the evening with my mates, and got back into fifa.. So my problem is getting back into the story , and remembering the buttons !!

Does anyone else have this problem or do you complete games ( which I usually do ) within the first few weeks of getting them ?

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Many people have this problem... Except me. Game stories suck donkey balls so I never depend on it when I play.

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@crewe8: Usually happens to me if I'm unsure about a game. But most times I just push on through the story, and most of the time it gets better and better, which was the case with Watch Dogs for me.

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Not really. I can generally get right back into the story and gameplay of a game that I put away for awhile pretty quickly. There's the initial moments of remembering whats what but it's usually very brief.

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I never really had a problem remembering a story but I often forget which button does what.

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@crimsonbrute: This is me, especially since I play multiple games in one day most of the time.

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I have a similar problem. If I find a game too difficult, I might take a long break from it and move on to something else. Then, when I'm ready to go back, I have to remember the controls and get the feel for it all over again.

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@crewe8: i don't think you're the only one

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@crewe8: i usually complete the games in the first weeks but since i got GTA V and black flag i stopped doing that, use the manual and if you want to be engaged just blow stuff up with your phone or do a black out, can't wait to get this game my self.

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If a game does not grab my attention in the first hour or so then I may go play something else. If I were to go back to it I would have to start again, it's a mixture between the story being a bit foggy and being to far in the game where it expects you to be good at the controls.

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Let me tell you a story...

It took me three attempts to actually play through Final Fantasy 8 for a similar reason. I played it, got to the second disc and then lost interest. Picked it up again but couldn't remember for the life of me where I was supposed to go and just decided to restart. Same thing happened, got to the same point on the second disc and stopped after losing interest again. Third time trying, I again couldn't remember what I was supposed to be doing and again after wondering around for a bit, restarted the game again. This time though I actually plowed through the whole game without breaking from it. What usually happens is new games come out and I drop the others. Especially when I'm trying to play a older game and unlike FF,7,9 and 10, FF8 bored me to where it was easy to just drop it.

What happens with more modern games when I do this is that I get used to a control scheme from a previous game I was playing and then try and push the button and realize what I thought would happen didn't because it's a different game lol This pretty much only happens to me with shooters though.

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When I haven't played a game in a long time, I usually prefer to restart than to continue.

I like to remember the story where I left off.

Yes I do tend to play games "straight thru" not switching back and forth, the exception to that is stuff like racing games, or a round of BF4 in between another game.