Do Original Xbox Games Work On Xbox 360's?

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If anyone knew the anwser to this question I'd really appriciate the help.

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I've heard it depends on the game, so i'd do research on each specific game to make sure

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Some do but not all. It's a select list, and even those that do, some have glitches. Here's the full list.
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Some do but not all. It's a select list, and even those that do, some have glitches. Here's the full list.Yagr_Zero
FYI They shut down the servers for X-Box Live for the Original X-Box games, so if you see a game on that list you want to play on XBL, I'm just giving you a heads up.
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some do but they have horrible framerates, others have been enhanced, many of the games have glitches in some form or another and some of them game breaking, but it really depends on the game, the full BC list lists what games were made BC, only some of the glitches, but you won't get a good idea of how it'll run on your system even if it can run, best to google it for known glitches or try to find gameplay videos of it running on the Xbox 360 Panzer Dragoon Orta for instance is one of my favorite BC games, though has problems with the pre-rendered cinematics running choppy but the actual gameplay was made to run great and in widescreen Quantum Redshift is another favorite of mine, among my favorites for being one of the only hover combat racers in that void between the WipeOut games of the PS1 and WipeOut HD on the PS3, is still fun to play and runs in widescreen as well with the BC update, and with a very smooth and consistent framerate, and not any glitches that I've noticed two of my other favorite games from the Xbox were NHL Hitz and NFL Blitz 2003, best of their kind, though those run at a slower framerate when played on the Xbox 360, since my PS3 is PS2 BC I picked up some PS2 copies of these games but they don't seem to play any better
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Yes, but only some of them do, you need to have a HDD & the latest compatibility update.

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It's a real shame they stopped supporting BC, but it was a good business move for them to start uploading them to XBL Marketplace and charge for them before.
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Yes, most original XBox games work on the 360, although the multiplayer will not work as Microsoft discontinued support for original XBox multiplayer.