Do any video games make you feel dizzy while playing them?

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I made this thread because there are some games that make me dizzy when I play them and I wanted to see if it happens to anyone else on here.

I bought Oblivion a few months back, and I had to stop playing it because it made me dizzy. Then I recently bought Skyrim, hoping that it wouldn't happen again, but it did. It made me 10 times as dizzy as Oblivion. I only got to enjoy the game for about 5 minutes before I had to stop before I fell on my ass.

Another game (if you call it that) that makes me dizzy is Playstation Home. I can't use that any more either. (I realize most of you probably hate Home anyway).

I was really looking forward to Skyrim too. I'm sure it's a great game. I wish I could enjoy it like everyone else. :(

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Yes. You may have a bit of photo sensitivity. Although games that you mentioned shouldnt make you feel this way.

Games that would make you feel dizzy & would affect someone with photo sensititivy are shooters. Specifically twitch shooters. Cod, Gears, etc. Playing online for more than 30 minutes really pisses off my brain so i tend to stay away from that these days.

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SMG has my head spinning for about 7 seconds till my mind and eyes adjusted. I'm glad it's not more than that, I would hate to quit gaming because of it.

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Yes, they made me dizzy or nauseous. I managed to find the cause:

  • Every single FP (first person) view games.
  • Every single over the shoulder TP (third person) games.
  • TP with close up character view.
  • Bad aesthetic graphic style (not to be confused with graphic quality) or bad color combination can make things hard to find. This will strain your eyes faster too.
  • Excessive blur, blur or incorrect gamma.
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#5 Posted by Ashley_wwe (13412 posts) -
Don't worry! there are MANY! gamers like this, myself included. I am having problems with some games too lately, but mine may also be related to something else. Games that seem to give me problems lately are the latest Call of Duty games and the latest Battlefield games (as weird as it sounds). They make me feel sick, dizzy, tired etc. and I've never had this problem before... will try them again in a few weeks, because as I said, my problems may also be related to something else so it may be temporary. But also keep in mind that a poor TV can be VERY effective for this. My TV isn't that good at all, and whatever I do on it for more than, say, 2 hours (even watching stuff), causes my mind to go strange a little... yeah, I need a new TV at some point. It flickers, has ghosting... the lot. It is pretty old though, over 6-7 years...
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#6 Posted by woodystew (28 posts) -
Super mario galaxy when on small planets or playing on a level with lots of turns etc ....... also spinning around on FPS for a while too but thats expected lol
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Duke Nukem 3D makes me dizzy bad!
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In Witcher 1 the castle scene at the opening, it kept rotating for me which made me dizzy I had to force myself through it. Glad there weren't more rotating cameras afterwards. Some FPS also make me dizzy, though not all of them.

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#9 Posted by tjricardo089 (7429 posts) -

You might have epilepsy on a really small scale.

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#10 Posted by foxhound_fox (96571 posts) -
The only game that has ever made me dizzy was Mirror's Edge... and that was after 6 hours of playing.
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#11 Posted by lensflare15 (6601 posts) -

No, I can't think of any that left me dizzy. Occasionally I get a headache though if I play in the dark too long or something...

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Nope my brain and eyes work perfectly :D

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I tend to feel queasy with games like Doom and the majority of FPS shooters, I also get a headache and feel ill with games that use 3D.
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original twisted metal perhaps upscaled on ps3 it looked so bad