Did Genesis not pass the test of time?

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I'm talking about it's function. The SNES and 64 have shown they can in fact last for the long run. But the Genesis my friend has, it only works for 1 game, 94 RBI Baseball. Why does in only work for 1?

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Maybe your friend broke all his other games.

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The Mega Drive is known for being one of the sturdiest systems out there,mine(from 1991) still works to this day,maybe your friend didnt took good care of the system or the games themselves.

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All three of my Geneses work, including my original one, which I've owned for over 20 years.

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Clean the cartridge connectors on the console and the cartridges and it'll probably be fine. The Genesis, like most of those old solid state consoles, is a reliable bit of kit

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Like the guy above me said clean the games, go to wal-mart and get some brass cleaner to clean contacts of game with Q-tips.

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My Megadrive(from UK) still works and its been dropped several times and had pepsi spilled all over too, the thing just wouldn't die.

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With so few moving parts (did the Genesis even have any?) the cartridge based consoles were fairly reliable. Make sure the contact pins where the cartridge plugs into the console are clean, even a speck of dust can make an old Game Boy game not load. A dry q-tip is all I've ever needed and I've cleaned some pretty dirty game stuff. It could also be a broken/cracked solder joint which is a little harder to fix but just involves reflowing the solder. Worst case scenario is if the ROM holding the BIOS goes corrupt and then yeah you really are SOL.

I've dropped my Genesis (model 2) on a concrete driveway and it still works. As for the OP, just clean the cartridges because if the console works for one game it is likely that the console if fine.