Diablo 3 Xbox One vs PS4 frame rate?

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So I've read about the small frame rate drops on the X1 version after the update to get the game to 1080p. Do the drops affect gameplay at all/are they noticeable?

I do have a PS4 as well and could get it on that. I have an equal number of friends on both consoles so that is not pushing me towards one or the other. However, I could use another X1 game so I was leaning towards that version. However, if the frame rate drops are noticeable in comparison to the PS4 one, I'll go with the PS4 version.

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Haven't played on the X1 version but the

PS4 version seems pretty perfect. They patched it day on so it seems a solid 60 now. I heard the X1 drops to low 50s but honestly you wouldn't notice that.

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@AM-Gamer: you wouldn't notice a difference between 50 and 60 FPS.

If it drops below 45 FPS then you will notice

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I have the Xbox One version and am at the start of Act 3 and so far it's run perfectly fine. I haven't tried 4 player co-op yet so if it drops any frames it'll likely be when you have a whole bunch of enemies and 4 players cast a whole bunch of spells with effects going off but even then it likely wouldn't be a real problem.

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Thanks for all the replies. Very helpful. I may end up waiting another week or so until I find out which version two of my closer friends are getting.