Devil May Cry 3 Difficulty Between Versions

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I'm aware that after the game was released in Japan, Capcom decided to make the game harder for an American release because many Americans found Devil May Cry 2 to be too easy. The result? The opposite criticism. So they released the "Special Edition." Reviewers always just say they made the difficulty easier and fairer but never go in to the specifics. Let's take a look at this.

Japanese Normal Difficulty: Easier

American Normal Difficulty: Harder

American Special Edition Difficulty: GFNIERJFUBG

My question is pretty simple: Is the American Special Edition Normal difficulty (And all other difficulty modes, I guess) the original Japanese Normal difficulty, or did Capcom take the hardened American difficulty and tweak it? I'd prefer to play the original, Japanese Normal difficulty and may resort to importing if the case may be.



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I'm pretty sure the Special Edition difficulty level was brought down to the standard Japanese Normal for DMC3. Although they have made some tweaks as most games do when localized but that's just pure speculation on my part.
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My understanding of the situation was that the special edition changed the difficulties back to how the Japanese version was, and reinstated the gold orb continue system(which was what the japanese version used) as an option.The comparison to the original US releaseis like this IIRC:

US Dante's Awakening --- JP release/US Special Edition
Easy --- Normal
Normal --- Hard
Hard --- Very Hard
Dante Must Die --- Dante Must Die

Other than that, I think there were a couple very minor tweaks. I remember this one spot in DA you fight a Fallen, the fight was changed to a fight w/ some Dullahans; not to mention Dullahans actually attack in SE rather than fly in wavy patterns and not directly attack you.

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The difficulty modes were only staggered, on the original US version. If you read the box of the Special/Greatest Hits Edition it talks about a difficulty mode being added, but In truth the difficulty mode that was added was the Very Easy mode, not the Very Hard mode that the box suggests. The other thing that was added to the Special Edition was the continue/save system. The old save system is selectable in the Special Edition version. I've forgotten what the two modes are called, but you select one of the two save system whenever you start a new game. With the new save system being much easier than the older one. The old one would have you redo the whole level if you died, with the option of using an item to restart a Boss battle at the beginning of the battle with both you and the Boss at 100% health. The new save system, I think, lets you continue at the beginning of the Boss battle automatically, or you can use an item to restart the boss battle with the Boss current health and you at 100% health.
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Hi Mr Sat :D

Always understood that PS2 DMC3:SE - difficulty was based on the original 'normal' Japanese release - which is easier than the normal difficulty of the standard western release. So, yes, as far as i am aware, the western DMC3:SE difficulty is'easier' - same as 'original' Japanese release.

BTW -DMC:SE is a pretty good game - I still own it as part of my PS2 game collection :D