Dear Microsoft.

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I think this forum on Gamespot says volumes for your latest game Flight.

I have been a flight sim enthusiast since the early 80s (I think FS5.) buying each upgrade until FSX.

I think I spent 5 minutes or less with flight.

I do not see the logic in making a game from a sim to (maybe)attract a wider / younger audience, when there is clearly money to be made,

from the still huge simulation community... just ask Austin Mayer (X-Plane.)

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yeah this looks like a complete waste of I dont feel so bad buying all the add ons for fsx as It will probably have to last us several more years into the future for "real flight"
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I think anyone who has an interest in Flight Simulation will agree. The most stupid thing about Flight is that fact that Microsoft decided to develop and own all the DLC itself, locking out all third party developers (except by invite); and yet have so far failed to deliver any exciting content. We're still stuck on Hawaii and flying through hoops in GA aircraft. Nothing here is new - nothing impresses. Where do we go from here?

All MS had to do was fix the problems in FSX, make it support multicore processors and DX11, revamp the interface and make some general all round improvments such as to the ATC and so on, and it would have been a sure winner.

The philosophy behind Flight is so stupid that it could only have emerged out of corporate bureacracy far removed from the original vision of Bruce Artwick. I mean, to strip away functionality and make it simpler to make it more accessible? Imagine doing that with software like Excel, or Photoshop. "Let's take away all the complicated fixtures and just have a few simple functions and then we can sell it to six year olds". It just doesn't make sense. But as I said, we're talking about a corporate bureacracy here.

And when will Microsoft discontinue GFWL? No-one likes it, and fewer and fewer publishers want to use it.

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IF MS wants to make X-Plane the premiere civilian flight sim on the PC, they're certainly doing it with the way Flight has turned out.

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And when will Microsoft discontinue GFWL? No-one likes it, and fewer and fewer publishers want to use it.

Please, please, please drop GFWL. it's the bane of all pc gaming. I also like your thoughts on Flight vs fsx, and perhaps they will do an updated fsx (hopefully adding full real world terrain instead of procedurally generated) Unfortunately MS dissolved the team responsible for FSX, so they'll have to rebuild that before doing more/another true sim. Hopefully Flight is just a stop-gap or experiment in non-sim flight gaming.