Dead State Kickstarter is up.

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Dead State is a turn-based Zombie/RPG for PC that puts the emphasis on survival rather than mindless zombie blasting that floods video games. More The Walking Dead than anything else, this game will put you in charge of a school-turned-shelter and its every day chores during a zombie apocalypse. Scavanging, defense, research, morale and tough decisions are some of the things you'll have to make decisions on.


~home base~

Core Gameplay Features:

-A PC RPG with stats, skills, and perks that make a huge difference on your character?s abilities.

-Dozens of characters with branching, reactive dialogue, and randomized events that unfold over months of in-game time ? player decisions and the death of loved ones can change relationships drastically.

-Turn-based combat where line-of-sight and noise affect whether you are spotted or not, making for extremely tense encounters.

-Base-building mechanics featuring multiple upgrades, NPC jobs, and item manufacturing.

-Scavenging mechanics that require players to find supplies, weapons, armor, and other items to keep their allies fed and alive.

-A morale system that factors in player success/failure, allies? faith in the player, and the overall strength of the shelter.

-Crisis Event dialogues that factor in political maneuvering and making difficult choices that affect your whole shelter.

-Reactive AI that responds realistically to combat situations, player commands, and the state of panic from the presence of zombies.


The Kickstarter fund can be found here.

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I remember reading about this game, it's being developed by some Ex-Obsidian devs so I'm guessing they're low on funds huh? makes me want to help them

EDIT: after watching the video, I gotta say, I'm loving the concept

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Sounds like an interesting concept, I wish I was a pc gamer :(
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Can't say I was overly thrilled by the turn-based aspect of the game, as I was really hoping for something similar in concept but with more of an open world GTA feel (but with better melee combat), preferably with 4-player co-op via LAN and also available on consoles. Still... X-Com + Fallout + Zombies = Awesomesauce. I only wish I had $5,000 to donate. But then, as long as I'm wishing, I wish I had the millions of dollars it would take to assemble a team to develop my dream action-RPG zombie game.